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Students write letters for ambulance services


Magoffin County Judge-Executive Matt Wireman is hand-delivering an application for a certificate of need for ambulance services to Frankfort, complete with many letters from local citizens and students explaining the need for better emergency services.

Among those letters are Brooke Stephens’ Herald Whitaker Middle School students’ responses.

Stephens told the Independent, “When I first told my students about the assignment, they were beyond excited to begin. They were very passionate about helping their community, and they felt as if they were doing their part as members of society. When I received an email from Matt stating that he had received their letters and that he was going to be taking them to Frankfort, their eyes just lit up! I had one student say, “is he really taking mine!?” (A response of astonishment and thrill).  I hope they will always know that their opinion/voice matters and that if they truly want to make a change in this world that they can.”



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