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Students meet with web developers for city app


SALYERSVILLE – Magoffin County Career and Technical School students met with website developers from Bit Source to discuss making a cellphone app for the City of Salyersville.

Students from Traci Prater’s computer science class met with Bit Source at Salyersville City Hall on Monday, discussing the functions they think the app needs and the type of content, as well as what their role will be with the website and app.

Andrew Lewis, a business development specialist with Bit Source, explained to the Independent that their company is all about building up Eastern Kentucky, with their business made up primarily of people laid off from the coal industry and re-trained to code. 

“We’re a for-profit business, but we try to bring digital literacy and show the populous how to leverage technology to help Eastern Kentucky,” Lewis said.

Bit Source has already designed the website for the City,, which has a lot of information on local history, things to do and services in the city, and they will be training the students on both the website and the app, allowing the students to help with the content management. 

“This will give them real-word experience, which is what we always want to be able to give them,” Prater said. 

Salyersville Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd explained that they have been wanting to get an app and do more with the website, but the City doesn’t have the manpower to keep those kinds of things updated, so they have partnered with the school system, allowing the students to benefit from the experience and hopefully produce something that will help the community.

More information about the website, app and the students’ progress in the development of both will be reported on at a later date.


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