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Still waiting on federal declaration


MAGOFFIN – While Magoffin is still working to clean up the debris and fix the damages from the February flooding, the community is still waiting at press time for the federal declaration that would allow for FEMA assistance.

In the middle of the night as flood waters were still rising, Magoffin County Judge-Executive Matt Wireman declared a state of emergency on Saturday, February 23. By Monday, February 25 Governor Matt Bevin declared a state of emergency for the state, but at press time a week and a half later, the president has yet to sign a federal declaration that would allow for federal funding and assets to be used in the cleanup.

On February 28, Wireman posted the following online, asking people and businesses with damages in to call the judge’s office while they still work to report the extent of the damages to the state:

“Late yesterday KY Emergency Management conducted a webinar for all county judge-executives and emergency management directors. This webinar provided information to assist counties in preparing documentation for damage and planning for if/when FEMA comes in. Presently the state is finalizing the damage assessment process in order to meet the damage thresholds required for a federal disaster. Once the threshold is met, and it will be, the state will submit the data to the federal government, who in turn will present for a presidential declaration of emergency. Once that happens FEMA will come to our area. They did not provide us with any specific timelines but this could occur in the upcoming days or up to a week or so. Also, the weather event is being listed as starting on February 6. Please take pictures of all damage you may have sustained prior to fixing anything and keep all receipts for things you purchased. While this will not guarantee you get assistance, it will definitely help if you are eligible. Please, if you haven’t done so, call my office with damage reports. 606-349-2313.”

Furthermore, we are also including the important phone numbers for reporting damages, as well as for assistance, on page A2. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.


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