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School starts TUESDAY


Magoffin County High School
From Principal Chris Meadows

Classes begin on September 8th.

1st pd --- 9:30
2nd pd --- 10:05
3rd pd --- 10:40
4th pd --- 11:15
5th pd --- 12:30
6th pd --- 1:05
7th pd --- 1:40

Teachers will have office hours daily from 2:20 - 3:30 pm.  During this time, students may call or message teachers for assistance.  

Teachers will be using Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.  Lessons will be recorded and archived for students to view if they are not available during the times listed in the schedule.

In order to get school information to our students, we have created a Google Classroom for each grade level.  The classrooms will be referred to as "Hubs".  School information for the year will be communicated in these hubs.  Students are urged to join their hub now. Students will need the information found in these hubs in order to attend virtual classes at MCHS. 
• Freshman Hub   -   tafuoes
•  Sophomore Hub   -   fsbkssv
• Junior Hub   -   kn5737n
• Senior Hub   -   t5kkppl

MCHS "After Hours" -- MCHS will have teachers available Mondays through Thursdays from 6:00 - 8:00 pm to assist students virtually with their homework and technology needs.  After Hours will begin on Tuesday, September 8th.


Herald Whitaker Middle School



South Magoffin Elementary

Dear South Magoffin Students and Parents,
We’d like to welcome each of you to South Magoffin Elementary!  As we begin this school year with a new method of learning, we are eager to get started and share with you the new ways we can teach our students! We’ve worked very hard to prepare for virtual learning, and can’t wait for our students to see their virtual classrooms.  These are challenging and uncertain times, but we are facing them fiercely, like the Cougars we are! We expect to have some obstacles along the way, and hope that you won’t get discouraged when problems arise.  We ask that you be patient, be open to trying new things, and encourage your child as they try something new.
While our doors aren’t open at this time, the lines of communication are more available than ever before. A VIRTUAL HOTLINE has been set up to take calls regarding any technology questions, and may be reached at 606-884-0556. Teachers will be available to answer your calls, emails, and messages through Google classroom each school day, with specific office hours from 2:00-3:30pm, or you may call the school for any assistance at 606-884-7325. Please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher or the school with any concerns, and we will gladly assist you in any way we can. Remember, we can only address problems if we are aware!
There have been many questions regarding student schedules and class times. Please log on to your student’s Google classroom to receive their individual instructions.  Students will not be asked to meet before 9am, or after 2pm. They will have access to each school subject daily, with frequent breaks and a time for lunch. To access their classroom, each teacher’s Google classroom codes have been provided by email and is available on our Facebook page. We have received a lot of feedback that suggests many of you access the South Magoffin Elementary Facebook page, so please use that as a tool to find all necessary information. If that is not a good option for you, information can also be found on our school website. 
Please be aware that although school looks differently right now, we still need your student’s information packet to be completed and returned. Please make sure to complete and sign all forms.  Although all students receive free lunch, it is imperative that you submit a completed lunch form. As for school lunch, deliveries will be made beginning on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 8. A Google form needs to be completed to receive those meals, and can also be found on our Facebook page.
Until we can be together, we expect virtual learning to be very successful, especially if we all work together to ensure a smooth transition.  

Wishing you an excellent and safe school year,
Mr. Cole, Teachers, and Staff


North Magoffin Elementary
School supply pickups are being held this week. Contact the school for more information at 606-349-2847, or by visiting their Facebook page.


Salyersville Grade School
School supply pickups are being held this week. Contact the school for more information at 606-349-3411, or by visiting their Facebook page.


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