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Que Sera, Sera...but not with Anna Prather's money


With the recent passing of beloved actress, singer and animal welfare activist Doris Day, we were reminded of a story involving Day and a local businesswoman. The below story was relayed to the Independent by Sue Mortimer, who had been told the story by a family friend that had worked for Anna Prather and her husband.

Anna Prather was a dynamic businesswoman, owning an oil company during the 1940s and 1950s. Though she owned the business with her husband, Anna was the one who ran it. 

Some time during the 50s, a young man who worked for the Prathers, doing odd jobs and driving Anna around as needed, got a phone call one evening to come to their house immediately. He hopped in the car and went to their house on State Road (now called Rt. 40). 

At the time, Doris Day had a horse farm in Lexington and it was known that she spent a lot of her time there. 

When he arrived at the home, he noticed Anna’s big, long Cadillac was packed to the roof with clothes and the trunk was just as full. Another rag would not have fit in this car. 

He, of course, asked Anna what she was doing and she replied, “Doris Day owes me some money and she won’t pay, so you’re going to take me to her horse farm and I’m staying as long as I have to to get my money.”

Of course, we don’t really know what kind of deal the two had made. Anna had said they had invested in a project together, but Day hadn’t really forked up the cash, but we don’t know what kind of project, or if it was for $5 or $500,000, but we’re told Anna probably would have reacted the same either way.

And, of course, she came back to Magoffin County with her money!


Heather Oney

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