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From the Publisher: My Top Ten


I remember a couple of years, several years ago, that I put together a "Top Ten Year in Review" on the show.  That was early on in Your News Today history.  Soon thereafter, there was more news and less time, and like today and for the past many years, just trying to keep up with all the news and get it on TV daily doesn't allow for much looking back.  But this year is different.   It's far different than I had ever imagined and in the most wonderful, albeit challenging, way.  And as a result, my Top Ten is rolled all in to one huge, monumental newsworthy year of 2018.

The year started off with a great deal of excitement and unknowns.  And I'm sure that Erin, Heather, Jo, Tim and Vanessa will whole heartedly agree with the "unknown" part of that.  I'm not sure I really want to know exactly what they thought when they realized I had bought the paper and some things were about to change.  Not that any of us really knew what those changes were going to be.  I mean, I had almost twenty years of news experience and zero days or knowledge of the newspaper business.  I'm just now comfortable with a "column inch."   But the one most important thing that I would soon learn that I did have was that very group of people I just mentioned.  While 2018 has flown by exponentially, I have had time to watch and listen and read and come to understand that each and every one of them are the best at what they do.  Erin's creativity, Heather's words, Vanessa's sales, Tim's drive and dependability and Jo's ability to keep it all organized and in line make for a perfect printing atmosphere and product.  All of which I am very thankful and blessed for.

And alongside my new news family, tucked away in the back office, I have had the distinguished honor of being the Publisher of the Salyersville Independent while still sitting down with so many of you every night at six or eleven.  On top of the newspaper something that has also been historical this year.  If you missed getting to see a little piece of my very first broadcast from November 2, 1998 that I played on my twentieth anniversary, you missed your chance.  It's back in the vault.  A little humbling to watch for myself, but what an occasion it marked.  And certainly one that I never really contemplated on happening.   Then just a few days ago, with a bit of "guesstimation", I sat down for the nightly news for what I marked as the 5,000th time as Your News Today crossed another major milestone.  Wow!  Just Wow!

So now I find myself asking where do we go from here?  Simply forward, I guess.  With the same dedication to reporting, protecting, informing and entertaining.  As the year closes, we will have submitted fifty-one issues of the Independent for your approval.  All with a new look and some new features like our Historical page, along with a new location, a new website and a renewed sense of obligation to local news and community.  And as we all embark on what I sincerely hope will be a happy and bright new year, I hope you will join us for a few moments each week to see and read and cherish what is going on in our beloved little part of the world.   We hope you'll stop and pick up a paper, and take a break from life's busy lines and enjoy the feel and the smell and the sound of pages turning through each week’s history.  Tuck a Salyersville Independent under your arm or in your purse and just like our dedication to Salyersville and Magoffin County and all it's wonderful people and assets, it will always be there for you when you need it.  Happy New Year my friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to be a part of an absolutely stellar 2018!


Ritt Mortimer

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