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ONE WEEK IN: Magoffin's new Judge Executive speaks of his first week in office


Magoffin County's Judge Executive, Matthew Wireman sat down with Ritt Mortimer of Mortimer Media Group to catch our readers up on his first seven days in office.  Wireman said, with an approving smile, that it had indeed been a very busy week that's also included a lot folks just stopping by to see what the Judge's office looks like and just to be able to sit down and talk to him as the judge.  "It's been quite humbling.  The support out there for moving Magoffin County forward is widespread",  he tells us saying that on the business side of things that the calls to request road repair has been enormous and in response he has divided the road department into three crews who are working in all parts and districts of the county.
  Wireman says, "I just finished paperwork to get ten tons of cold patch for potholes, addressing the worst roads first, and we will keep getting all the cold patch we can and fill as many potholes as rapidly as possible.  Some roads are just terrible but our road supervisor has been state certified and I believe the road fund should be okay moving forward at this time."  At the time of the interview Judge Wireman said he had placed orders to replenish the gravel stockpiles at the county garage and that one order of business at Tuesday's regular meeting would be to bid out the hauling process.  Believing local companies would like the business and that they would save the county significant money over continuing to haul it themselves.
  Wireman says he has talked extensively with the likes of the Big Sandy Area Development District and engineers related to the Royalton tourism project, as well as those with the Industrial Park project and FEMA.  "I have reached out to FEMA, which is a process I am very familiar with from my years as finance officer for Floyd County Schools, and they have sent me documentation on the five ongoing projects we have in the county." Wireman says.  
  There's also the details he is waiting on relating to the independent auditor that the fiscal court approved in his first meeting.  Wireman says, "White and Associates were here on day one and they have done their field work on what is not technically an audit but for a review that is focused on gathering enough data so that I have some good numbers and a starting point based on the information they give me to finish the fiscal year."   The Judge hoped to have that data by Tuesday's fiscal court meeting and that he's not spending any money that he doesn't have to until then and the county will start expanding operations as soon as possible. "I can't tell those like the Sheriff and the Clerk what kind of support the county can give them until I have those numbers." he added.
  Overall and taking into consideration how much was needed to be done in a mere seven days, Wireman said he was more than pleased and looking very forward to what the future holds.  "It's actually been a lot of fun, with a lot of what I consider "Old Hat", but also with all the new challenges that have come along with it.  I have enjoyed this week just as I will enjoy the next four years."



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