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NME second-grader suspended following inappropriate comment


SALYERSVILLE – A second-grade student from North Magoffin Elementary was suspended after making an inappropriate comment on Friday.

On Friday, November 15, North Magoffin Elementary officials released the following on social media:

“At school today, Magoffin County School officials became aware of an inappropriate comment made by a North Magoffin Elementary student. School officials immediately contacted law enforcement officials and appropriate authorities are investigating the issue. The student in question will not be allowed on school property until the matter has been thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. Magoffin County Schools are taking the necessary precautions to address the issue with the safety of our students remaining the highest priority.”

Magoffin County Schools Superintendent Scott Helton told Mortimer Media Group the inappropriate remarks made on Friday were by a second-grader regarding “bringing something” to school, and the school resource officer, safe-schools coordinator and  special education director were sent to the school, and they were investigating the matter with the principal and staff. 

When the comment was made, the student was removed from the classroom and Helton assured they were following the protocols set by state, contacting parents with a One-Call and posting on social media, as well as suspending the student until the appropriate legal procedures take place.

“Right now, he’s not going to be back in our school setting anytime soon,” Helton explained. 

He also noted that while children that young generally don’t understand the magnitude of certain statements and the student probably didn’t mean what he said, they are required by law to follow the same protocols, regardless of age.

“We have to take it seriously because of the environment we live in and right now some may consider it a little overkill, but it’s just what the law requires,” Helton said.

School officials have contacted the court-designated officer to deal with this type of case Helton said the correct procedures are being followed.

“As of now, there’s no threat at the school,” Helton said. “He didn’t make a threat to any of the children and he’s been suspended from school until the legal proceedings can take place.”
Helton also explained that if they don’t notify the appropriate authorities and the public regarding such instances, the school system could be held accountable.

“It doesn’t matter what age group they’re in,” Helton said. “Years ago, a comment like he made today, we may have kind of just brushed it off, had a talk with him and went on, but nowadays you can’t do that.”

He said the social media post and One-Call message was not intended to create a panic in the community, but that he wanted the parents to hear about the incident from them.

“We want them to be informed and I don’t want them to hear it second-hand and not get the correct information,” Helton said. “We take anything like this seriously because the law requires us to take it seriously.”

The incident occurred the day after a high school shooting in California hit the news, in which three students, including the shooter, died.


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