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Members of the Middle Fork Volunteer Fire Department got back on Monday from a round trip to the Sidell Illinois Fire Department where fellow firemen and women graciously donated, yes gave them for free, a fully functioning and stocked tanker truck to serve the residents of Middle Fork and Magoffin County.   Did I mention that it was free?  
  Chief Scott Castle tells Mortimer Media Group that this act of kindness and mutual support puts the local department one step closer and only a small step away from not just better serving and protecting those that live within their district, but also that much closer to lower insurance rates.  "One of the main requirements to get a fire departments ISO rating down, which is what insurance rates are based on, is to have equipment that can transport at least 3,500 gallons of water to a scene.  With the new five hundred gallon unit our department has now, we are only three hundred shy of that mark." according to Castle.  "In fact", he says, "As we speak, we are trying to secure another tanker to put us over the threshold in time for our next assessment which could be as early as this year.  That would mean lower rates and significant savings to the Middle Fork community sooner rather than later."
  The truck is a 1981 Pierce four man cab with only fourteen thousand miles and has been very well maintained.  It was given to Middle Fork because the Sidell department was trading up to another unit to better meet their needs.  Not only does it make fourth vehicle for the local department but it also came stocked with hoses, ladders, a generator, SCBA equipment and more.  A real bargain.
 Members, Travis and Megan Allen, Steven Lovely, Josh Hyden and Kevin Jenkins made the six hour drive to and from Sidell to put it into their rolling stock.



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