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Miss Magoffin honored at miss Kentucky


LOUISVILLE – By all accounts, Miss Magoffin represented the county with style and grace during the Miss Kentucky Week last week, walking away with two awards and plenty of memories in the process. 

Kaisen Eastep competed in the Miss Kentucky Pageant in Louisville last week, winning the Quality of Life First Runner-Up Award and the Spirt of Miss Kentucky Award.

“During Miss Kentucky Week, I not only gained a wonderful experience, but great new friends and found confidence in myself,” Eastep told the Independent on Tuesday.

Eastep said holding the title of “Miss Magoffin” has allowed her to have a voice.

“I have been given access to schools, community events and other things that I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Eastep said. “It has meant the world to me being able to share my social impact initiative, Supporting Families Affected by Substance Abuse, across our community.” 

Eastep said the most rewarding part of being Miss Magoffin was being able to share her store with others who face the same obstacles.

“During my year of service, I have been able to bring Operation Unite back into Herald Whitaker Middle School,” she said. “Working with these students and showing them that they can be more than their family members’ addictions, has been the highlight of my year. It is so important for those children who come from broken homes due to substance abuse to know that they do not have to follow in that same direction.”

She encouraged all young girls to participate in pageants, but reminded them to keep a level head on their shoulders.

“You must know that winning or losing a pageant doesn’t define who you are,” Eastep said. “It’s how you carry yourself after it. It’s important to stay true to yourself.”

She quoted K. Lee Graham, Miss Teen USA 2014, stating, “It is most important to always take care of your heart because that’s what’s going to translate your beauty.”

With the Miss Kentucky experience behind her and her reign as Miss Magoffin coming to an end, Eastep is looking at the future. 

“I am moving forward with one goal in mind: to make everybody feel like a somebody. That’s what the role of a titleholder really is,” Eastep said. “Now, and after I crown the next Miss Magoffin, I will stick to that goal.” 



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