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Man electrocuted in tree-trimming accident


ROYALTON – A Magoffin man is recovering from an electrocution that occurred over the weekend.

On Sunday evening, June 2, Magoffin County Rescue and EMS workers responded to a home near downtown Royalton, where a man, who has not been publicly identified, was reportedly electrocuted when he came into contact with a high-voltage line while trimming trees.

Magoffin County Rescue Squad Captain Carter Conley told Mortimer Media Group the man had severe burns to his hands and feet, with exit wounds on both feet. 

The man was treated and assessed at the scene by a medic with Life Guard Ambulance Service, and flown to Cabell Huntington Hospital, where he remains at press time, receiving treatment for serious burns.

Conley told the Independent on Wednesday that in the family’s most recent update to him, they stated the man is going to lose his right hand. Currently, the medical team is working on performing skin grafts to his feet, where the exit wounds are, in an attempt to save them. 

He also noted that the next 10 days are crucial regarding his vital organ function. 


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