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Magoffin man works to help brother while home floods


“It was thundering and lightning out there and the frogs were hollering, so I thought I was going to have a good night of sleep,” Broadway Street resident Jeff Montgomery remembers about Saturday night.

“I thought I heard someone banging on the door, so I foot a foot down and it was just splash.”

Montgomery said the flooding was the worst he’s ever seen and they lost everything. 

“Nothing here is salvageable,” Montgomery said. “They’ve hauled five dump loads out of here already, but it was just everything. Pictures, clothing…just everything.”

Montgomery posted a picture to Facebook Saturday night inside his home, sitting in a chair with water up past his ankles. He’d put as much stuff up on the counters as he could, but the trailer and most of its contents were destroyed.

The part he is most upset about, though, is he’s not sure how to provide stability for his brother.

“I take care of my little brother and he is mentally challenged,” Montgomery said. “It’s affected him a great deal.”

He said he woke his brother up around midnight that night, and he immediately started having a panic attack. 

“I liked to never got him in the recliner to get his feet out of the water,” Montgomery said. “It was just a mess and it’s still a mess. We’ve never flooded here and I’ve slept maybe three hours since that night.”

Montgomery told the Independent he’s still staying at the home, trying to clean up what’s left while working on getting the money together to rent another trailer. 

“It’s hard to get that kind of money together to move all unexpected like this,” Montgomery said.

A GoFundMe account has been started for Montgomery and his brother, which can be found at by clicking here.

“I’m not going to complain and I’m just trying to make the best out of everything,” Montgomery said. “My brother is my main priority.”

He also thanked Carson and Matilda Montgomery and their daughter, Lisa, for helping with his brother while he tries to fix a stable home for them.

“They’ve stepped up above and beyond, helping as much as they can,” Montgomery said. “I just want to get him somewhere he can play his Xbox.”


Heather Oney