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Magoffin election returns mirror state results


SALYERSVILLE – Magoffin County voters, which have been historically predominantly Democrat, mirrored state results in Tuesday’s election, with nearly all the Republican candidates sweeping their races.

The only exception to the all-Republican sweep on November 5, 2019, was the governor’s race, with incumbent Governor Matt Bevin (R) losing his bid for re-election by 5,189 votes (and by 339 in Magoffin) to current Attorney General Andy Beshear (D). 

John Hicks, the Libertarian candidate in the race, secured 1.97% of the votes statewide (and 77 votes from Magoffin), with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky releasing a statement Wednesday morning expressing they, “are always happy to split the vote in a way that causes delicious tears.”

While Beshear has released statements about the victory and his upcoming state budget, Bevin has already submitted a written request for a recanvass to the Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes’ office, citing “irregularities.” 

The recanvass basically requires a retabulation of the vote totals from each precinct of every county in the state to ensure the results were reported accurately to the secretary of state’s office. 

In the secretary of state’s race, Republican attorney Michael G. Adams won the state by over 60,000 votes, and Magoffin by 123 votes, against Democrat Heather French Henry. 

Republican Daniel Cameron secured the attorney general race with a 15.5% margin statewide, but by only 23 votes in Magoffin, against Democrat Gregory D. Stumbo. Cameron will be the first African American to hold that office in Kentucky and is the first Republican attorney general elected since the 1940s.

Incumbent Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Harmon (R) swept his race for re-election against Sheri Donahue (D), securing 55.65% of the statewide vote, compared to Donahue’s 41.03%, and Libertarian Kyle Hugenberg’s 3.32%, with the Magoffin results nearly mirroring the state returns.

Similarly, State Treasurer Allison Ball (R) handily secured her seat for another four years, receiving 60.66% of the votes statewide (56.79% in Magoffin), compared to Democrat Michael Bowman’s 39.34% (43.21% in Magoffin). 

Incumbent Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan F. Quarles (R) also won his bid for re-election, with 58.21% of the statewide vote (55.13% in Magoffin), against Robert Haley Conway’s (D) 38.63% (43.55% locally) and Libertarian Josh Gilpin’s 3.16% (1.32% in Magoffin). 

Statewide, voter turnout was at 42.16% for the General Election held on Tuesday, with 38.2% of Magoffin County’s registered voters casting their ballots in the election. 

According to the Kentucky Attorney General’s Election Law Violations Hotline update, the AG’s office fielded 82 calls, with 32 of those prior to the polls opening on Tuesday morning. None of the calls were from Magoffin County. 


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