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Magoffin County Youth Baseball/Softball suspends Spring 2020 season


SALYERSVILLE - Magoffin County Youth Baseball/Softball has opted not to hold its Spring 2020 season. 

Following the coronavirus outbreak in March, Magoffin County Youth Baseball/Softball was forced to postpone its spring 2020 campaign. 

COVID-19 has forced young athletes from throughout Kentucky to be sidelined. 

Magoffin County Youth Baseball/Softball released the following statement on June 13: 

"Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the baseball board has suspended the opening of the Spring 2020 season. This decision was very difficult. The board felt the safety concerns for our players were much too important to put anyone at risk. We will take a look at the guidelines this fall and if rules/guidelines are lifted we will discuss playing then. 

"We are asking everyone who has paid their child’s signup fees for the spring season to send a private message to the league's Facebook page selecting one of the following options:

1. Allow the fees to be applied to a future opening date; 2. Allow the fees to be applied to the Spring 2021 season; 3. Donate the signup fees to the league; 4. Receive a complete refund. All refunds will be made via check and we need to know how many checks to order. Refunds will be made as soon as the league obtains sufficient check stock."


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