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Magoffin behind on Census participation


MAGOFFIN – While the state’s United States 2020 Census response rate continues to improve, Magoffin rate has barely budged in weeks, putting the county nearly 30% behind the state average.

Currently, Kentucky’s self-response rate is at 63.5%, while Magoffin County trails behind at 35.6%.

The county is broken into five Census tracts. The northern-most tract is currently at 55%, the highest participation rate in the county and roughly 14% higher than the participation in that area in the last Census. The western area of the county is at a response rate of 34.6%, the eastern area (which includes Salyersville and had the highest participation rate in 2010) is at 33.5%, and central Magoffin (just south of the Parkway but before Royalton) is at 28.5%. The lowest participation rate is in the South Magoffin tract, with a current self-response rate of 24.4%.

Comparatively, Morgan County has a self-response rate of 59.8%, Johnson County 54.8%, Breathitt 49.8%, Floyd 43.2%, Knott 37%, with Wolfe County being the only adjacent county to Magoffin with a lower self-response rate, at 32%.

With Magoffin County already the state leader in unemployment rates, with higher-than-average poverty rates and chronic illnesses and a lower life expectancy than most of the state, the Census is imperative in Magoffin receiving state and federal allocations for important programs at nearly every level, including schools, roads, social services, government, health department and other healthcare programs, and so much more. 

While people can send in their mailed questionnaire (if they don’t have post office boxes) or wait for a Census worker to show up at their door, they can also respond online at If you received a Census ID in the mail, you can respond using that number or, if not, you can respond without the number by simply verifying your physical address.

The process, even without a number, takes not even five minutes total.

Answers remain confidential BY LAW and basically just indicate who is living at that residence (as of April 1) and their demographics, which will be used to know how to allocate over $675 billion in federal funding annually. With the current COVI9-19 pandemic, especially, every penny that funding this county and state can be allocated will be needed.

Go to to respond today!


Ways to complete your Census:

By Mail at:     U.S. Census Bureau
    National Processing Center
    1201 E 10th Street
    Jeffersonville, IN 47132

Online at:

By Phone at: 1-844-330-2020


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