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Local songwriter gaining national attention


While playing music has been a part of Eddie Jenkins’ life since high school, it wasn’t until recently he started focusing on his songwriting, but he’s already getting some national attention.

Jenkins recently released his self-titled debut album, with all 11 songs written, composed and produced by him in his studio, Midnite Promise Productions. He even sang every part in each of the songs.

“My influences include the artists from the outlaw movement of the 70s, as well as the Bakersfield sound of the 60s,” Jenkins said. “There is a song from my album called ‘Makin' Honky Tonk Music Great Again.’ It's about how the music industry needs to get back to the old sound like that.”

Jenkins describes his music style as classic honky-tonk, mixed with the songwriting styles of other Eastern Kentucky entertainers, such as Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers. 

“When the album started catching on, people started calling for gigs,” Jenkins said. “I needed a band to play my material and I was already playing with the Flashback band, so I then formed the Midnite Promise to play my original stuff.”

The Midnite Promise members include Barry Maggard from Paintsville on harmonica, Sean Hoskins from West Liberty on drums, and Benny Chandler from Jackson on bass.

“I started getting messages from promoters about my songs a few weeks later and I had a company out of Bakersfield contact me,” Jenkins told the Independent.

Right now, a few of his songs off of the album are playing on radio stations in five states: Texas, California, Minnesota, Vermont and Michigan, and he is set to soon be interviewed for a television special on songwriting. He is currently in talks with a label from Bakersfield, California.

Jenkins and The Midnite Promise will be playing at Fat Boys Grill and Tavern in Martin on October 18 at 8 p.m., Bank 253 in Pikeville on November 30 at 10 p.m., but he noted that he plays a show somewhere every weekend.

He is set to be interviewed on October 2 for a songwriting special to be aired at a later date on The Country Network.

Jenkins said his album is available on SoundCloud and by messaging him on Facebook. People interested in the album or upcoming events can join the group “Eddie Jenkins & The Midnite Promise.”  



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