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Local couple to be on "The Voice"


A married couple with local ties will soon be on NBC’s The Voice.

Nathan and Chesi Arnett sat down with Mortimer Media Group recently, telling about their experience auditioning for the program and asking everyone to tune in on February 25. 

Chesi said, “If you run into us in town, and this has happened multiple times, we’re not allowed to talk about how far we’ve gotten, if chairs were turned, or anything like that, so you just have to watch and find out.”

“It’s the great thing about these small towns, like Johnson County and Magoffin and Floyd,” Nathan said. “So many people’s been supportive. Our social media has blown up, people congratulating us, for being here. Being on The Voice, doing what we enjoy, which is music, so we just want to thank everyone that’s plugged us on social media, shared or liked our music page, because that support means a lot.”

The two are referring to their Facebook music page, “Chesi and Nathan Arnett Music,” has jumped by approximately 600 likes.

Nathan said the process of auditioning for the show is much longer than what is shown on the air.

“There’s thousands and thousands of people standing in line to audition for them, and there’s so many different steps before you ever get to seeing these judges at all,” Arnett said. “Me and Chesi is really blessed to get to where we were at on the show and you all will see when you watch it.”
Nathan explained that there’s a lot of red tape, with lawyers, psychiatrists and publicists.

“It’s so crazy because you spend this time with so many different people, not just singing, and there’s a lot of legal stuff you have to deal with.”

He said he had to take a 500-question test, which made him feel like he was back in school. 

Chesi laughed, noting they took psychiatric tests and IQ tests.

“When you see someone on this show, whether you like their performance or you like their song, you still ought to congratulate them because they’ve been through a lot of work to get to where they’re at,” Nathan said.

As for their relationship, Nathan explained music has always been a part of his life, and he started a Bluegrass band in 2012, but noted that Country is his favorite. 

“I met Chesi and music is also her passion,” Nathan said. “Music is the reason me and Chesi is together now. It brought us together and it’s how we met.”
Chesi said, “When we went on our first date, he sang a song called “Daydreamers” and I immediately fell in love with him. That’s not a joke. It’s not a mushy-gushy statement. It’s true.”

Nathan added he feels like he would have never had this opportunity without meeting Chesi, with people urging him to try out, but the time was never right. 

“We went as a duet, and that’s the great thing,” Nathan said. “You don’t hardly ever see duets on that show. That’s a big opportunity for us. I think it’s really going to go well.”

Nathan is touring with his Bluegrass band, Turning Ground, which recently released their newest album “Old Country Store” last September.

Similarly, Chesi has joined her own Bluegrass group, called Wilson’s Banjo Co., and they are also in the studio currently working on an album.

The couple is looking to move closer to Nashville and Nathan is also near releasing a country single of his own. 

“If me and Chesi had not even made it as far as we have to the show, we would still say this has been a great experience,” Nathan said. “You would have never seen Nathan Arnett in California. I’m sorry. You would have never seen me at a lot of places we’ve had to go to. I’m just an Eastern Kentucky boy.”

Chesi said her favorite part of the experience was watching them try to put makeup on Nathan’s face. 

“I’ve wore everything but lipstick!” Nathan said as Chesi laughed. “They just couldn’t find my right color or I would have worn it, as well.”

Season 16 of The Voice premieres on Monday, February 25 on NBC at 8 p.m.


Heather Oney