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Letter to the Editor: Senior Center


January 9, 2019

Dear Editor:

I am writing to let you know how great our local senior center is. I have been attending the center for about three years. My experiences in coming have been nothing but positive. There are so many good things about the center that I really don’t know where to begin. They serve a hot delicious well-balanced meal and ask only a $2.00 donation. I can’t think of anywhere you can get as good of a meal for that small amount. They are always giving us extra food on special occasions such as National Soup Day they will make a new kind of soup and give us the recipe. National Cookie Day and National Cherry Day are some other examples. 
The staff is very friendly and respectful. They have games that stimulate our brains and are fun to play. We laugh and have a good time. There is always a rook table going and bingo. A jigsaw puzzle is kept out always. The staff play videos on YouTube on the big screen TV for us. We enjoy looking up old songs that we listened to years ago. Attending the center has helped me make new friends and I enjoy the socializing and obtaining information from people in my age group who have experienced some of the things I am experiencing. 
The staff provides us with educational information about nutrition, historical events, scams and updates on changes to our Medicare and Medicaid. They help us stay informed on events going on in the community. 
If we are unable to drive the center provides us with transportation. They will take us to the store, doctors, hairdresser and any other place we go. Sometimes we take special trips, such as bowling, once a month, which I really enjoy. If it wasn’t for going bowling with the seniors, I probably wouldn’t go at all. It is a lot of fun and good exercise, too.
There are so many things that can be done at the center. There is exercise equipment and you can walk in the gym with a buddy if you don’t like walking by yourself. We have gentle exercise classes that helps us without mind and body. They have tons of material and sewing machines that those ladies who like to sew can do. What I am trying to say is that I think I am a healthier person since I started attending the senior center. I want to invite other people to come enjoy what I have been enjoying.

Eva Howard
Salyersville, KY



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