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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Organ donation


With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask everyone to consider giving the greatest gift possible, the gift of life.   Organ transplants offer patients a new chance at living a healthy and normal life.  You are more likely to NEED an organ, than to become a donor.  Last year about one hundred Kentuckians donated organs after their deaths.  Today, over one thousand Kentuckians are in need of a lifesaving transplant.  Every registered donor gives hope.

Organ donation is a lifesaving event. Everyone can join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry to save lives- regardless of age or medical history.  ANYONE and EVERYONE can be on the registry.  If everyone says YES and joins the registry- everyone in need of a transplant could receive one.  In every county, someone has received an organ or tissue transplant, but many more are waiting.  

When we ask if you would you like to help save lives and donate $1 to the organ donor program, our community responds compassionately and with such empathy because Magoffin County remains number one in the state for the 12th year in a row for the $1 donations.  I thank you so much for your generosity.  We rank 101st in the state for names added to the registry.  

There are 115,000 Americans waiting for a life-saving organ transplants.  A name is added every ten minutes.  22 people die every day, awaiting that call for a match.

 Interestingly, less than 1% of organ donors will pass in such a way to give the gift of life. Currently, 1.8 million Kentuckians are registered!   

Tracy Watson said it best when she said, “Without the organ donor, there is no story, no hope, no transplant.  But when there is an organ donor, life springs from death, sorrow turns to hope, and a terrible loss becomes a gift.”

I would love to honor those who have been touched by organ donation or transplantation.  Please contact me at 349-2215.  I would love to hear your story.  We all have friends and family who are in desperate need a life-saving organ.    Please consider giving the gift of life this Christmas. 

Thank you,
Tonya Arnett Ward        
Magoffin County Circuit Clerk



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