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KEEP RIGHT: Confusion on Parkway leads to more signs


MOUNTAIN PARKWAY - With numerous reports of motorists driving on the wrong side of the road on the Mountain Parkway in an area west of Salyersville, the state road department is upping their signage game to try to prevent wrecks or confused drivers.

With reports increasing recently of drivers getting in the westbound lane while traveling east toward Salyersville, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 10 put up new signage last month in hopes to make the transition from two to four lanes clearer. 

However, after just a few weeks they started getting more complaints, again. The signs had been stolen. 

This week the KYTC Dist. 10 group put up enhanced signage, including “KEEP RIGHT,” “DIVIDED HIGHWAY AHEAD” and more “DO NOT ENTER” signs, and they’re looking into added some more pavement markings to indicate the correct lanes for motorists. Prior to the recent complaints, there were already rumble strips and recessed reflectors in place.

KYTC Dist. 10 Public Information Officer H.B. Elkins told the Independent they are aware of the issue and are taking steps to alleviate the problem.

Elkins also reminded the public of the general rule each had to learn in order to pass the driver’s permit test, which states that unless otherwise indicated, drivers should always keep to the right of the yellow line. 

Elkins said, “We don’t know why this issue is happening, just that it is, but we’re aware and we’re taking steps with better signs and pavement markings, and we’re just trusting drivers will have common sense and follow the rules they learned when they got their licenses.”


Heather Oney