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Jared Lee Helton


Jared Lee Helton age 22 of Salyersville, Kentucky passed away Wednesday November 06, 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was born September 29, 1997 in Prestonsburg, Kentucky to Richard and Lonja Freeze Helton.  Survivors include one brother, Richard Bradley (Cassandra) Helton of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, two nieces, Aria and Elli Helton.

Funeral services were conducted at 1:00 P.M. Tuesday November 12, 2019 from the Magoffin County Funeral Home Chapel with Larry Patrick and Dwayne Gibson officiating. Entombment followed in the Helton Cemetery at Mouth of Coon Creek. 

In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to the Jared Lee Helton memorial fund. 

Arrangements were under the direction of the Magoffin County Funeral Home.


Jared Lee Helton's Story

We are here today to honor the life of Jared Lee Helton. His story began in December 1994, Bradley wrote a letter to Santa wishing for a brother or sister. A few years later Jared was born September 29th 1997 and sure enough Santa gave him his wish.
    That day was a wonderful day to this family filled with much joy and a little sorrow because his mother Lonja was devastated that he only had four toes on his left foot but his Aunt Gay said, “What are you talking about? That’s my Five Toe Bear”. After much crying and tears Lonja realized that was just the way God had made him. As a young boy it never slowed him down, he was perfect. As a baby Jared always had a smile on his face, so of course he had to have a nickname because he was in the Helton family and had to have one so Larry Dean Helton called him Smiley and Vicky helped baby-sit him. These two people loved him dearly and he loved them.
    From birth Jared was raised in Church and loved it, he was in youth group and during one of Lonja’s lessons we heard a faint cry over in the corner of the dining room and Jared had dropped to his knees and was crying. Lonja said, “What’s wrong Jared?” and he replied, “I don’t want to die and go to hell” so all the children gathered around him and they prayed and Jared repented. That following weekend Jared and his Father were baptized one right after the other and that began his journey with Jesus that continued to this day. Jared also had church brothers and that was Isaac Watson and Martin Fletcher and many awesome Sunday school teachers.
    Jared loved sports and one of his best moments while playing basketball was when North Magoffin Elementary played against Salyersville Grade school for the championship and they beat Sanford Holbrook. It was like the Wildcats against the Cardinals and it was the game of a lifetime. He was so happy that his team had won the championship and beat his buddy Sanford and oh how they teased Sanford at the auction building on a Saturday night. Soon after that he didn’t need to play ball anymore because he was finished. Throughout his young life he was his brothers sidekick, when Bradley had all his friends over there was no way Jared was not going to hang with the gang. They system linked Xbox’s and he hung right in there with them, there would be all nighters every weekend with a house full of boys. 
    Jared had such a love for hunting and fishing and his Dad loved to take him and was so proud of him when Jared killed his first buck at such a young age and many more came to follow. Jared loved going to work on the coal mine with his Dad and getting to ride in the equipment with all the men. Jared would always tell his Dad that he would never loose his hair and often times let it grow out long causing him to receive the nicknames Mophead, Fabio and Rod Stewart. One weekend when Jared came in from work and walked in through the door Richard said, “Lonja your girl is home” and Jared just smiled and replied, “You’re jealous old man.” One of his greatest fishing buddies was Budd Montgomery, he’d rather fish with Bud and ask 1000 questions than eat, we all know Budd was probably aggravated to death but I’m sure he enjoyed every moment.
    As a child he had so many childhood friends but the love he had for Jesse Hale was unconditional, that was his first sister. Jared and Jesse owned the neighborhood in a pink Barbie Jeep not a Ford F150. If a child could have another mother or father it was Ronnie and Connie Hale, the love they showed for him was like he was one of their own. Connie taught him how to swim and hop from to pool to pool around the neighborhood and Ronnie would help him shoot basketball. Kelsey Jo Helton was his second sister and they did everything together. On a school bus one morning Kelsey fell out of her seat and instead of letting everyone know it was her fault she yelled “JARED! You pushed me!”, but Jared just smiled and said, “What are you talking about? I didn’t touch you”. If Jared could have a second brother it would have been Dawton Helton. Dawton would run home to Tonja’s saying, “Jared called me a Mexican and I’m never going swimming with him again!” but he would be back swimming within 20 minutes. Jacob Sparks was another pool rat, the Bloomington bottom grade school kids stuck together like glue. They wore Lonja out making her sing Mexican Jumping Bean while they all jumped on the trampoline playing freeze tag. 
    Now from head start up a very very special relationship started, we are talking about Landon Johnson who was Jared’s best friend for life. There is much history between those two boys, some things we are only just finding out and some things we probably don’t want to know. But one thing for sure that Landon had told Lonja is that Jared had said they were “Bloomington Boys for Life”!
    As far as grandparents go Jared was fortunate enough to have Mamaw Faye Helton. He was so good to her and she would fix him chicken and dumplings and he would say, “We are eatin high on the hog tonight”! He had wonderful Aunts and Uncles like Tonja & Nathan Helton, Terry & Kim Helton and Buddy & Laura Freeze. Jared was blessed with honorable grandparents Green & Debbie Manns, Green was Jared’s basketball buddy and they watched and discussed many games together. Debbie would always bring Jared something down for Christmas that would be wrapped beautifully and she always took such pride in what she had picked out for him and it never failed that every year when she would watch him open it he would look at her and say, “I’ve already got that” and Lonja could have passed out.
    While Jared was in Middle School he officially gained a sister Cassandra Helton and not too long afterwards he gained the title of Uncle Jared to Aria and Elli Helton. He loved his nieces and spoiled them rotten.
    Jared had so many friends and cousins at a young age; too many to mention but he loved them all. In high school is when his personality really began. The bond he formed with his classmates was everlasting, it didn’t matter to Jared he loved them every single one and they all stayed close to one another to this very day. His favorite trip wasn’t a family vacation it was his Senior Trip, when he stepped off that bus for the last time the tears was rolling from his eyes, he didn’t want it to ever end because he had so much fun with all his friends.
    After Jared graduated High school he started his college career by going into Criminal Law and Justice at Big Sandy Community and Technical College while working at the local Dairy Queen in Salyersville and he always said that his Mom made him do it. Jared had grown into a very private but humble young man; he was always smiling and loving life. He was a hard worker and took pride in his job at A&A Safety, it was with that company that he started out with only having one brother and it soon grew into many more. This brotherhood is a bond that only a group of hard working men can understand and a bond that can never be broken. Jared had very few possessions he cared for in his life and the one that mattered most was his Ford F150 truck and to this day he is still waiting on Landon Johnson to detail it.
    When Jared would come home from work Lonja just wanted to spend time with him but he would say, “Mom I’m going to Ryan’s, we’re gonna hang out. You’re just going to have to cut the apron strings and let me go”. What went on between those boys in that building is something only they and God himself knows. There was a very special man in Jared’s life and that was Darrell Russell, he looked up to him and appreciated working with him, Darrell took him under his wing and taught him the trade of road construction.
    Last but not least his mother Lonja who loved him so big and was so very proud of what a young man he had become. She only wanted the best for him and always instilled in his life that God comes first and all things shall be added. There are so many more stories and so many more friends to be mentioned, there isn’t enough time or words. We all know for sure Hedy La would say “there’s my boy”. 
    If Jared had any last words to comfort you he would say, “When tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand, that an angel came and called my name, and took me by the hand. The angel said my place was ready, in heaven far above, and that I’d have to leave behind all those I dearly love. But when I walked through Heaven’s Gates, I felt so much at home, for God looked down smiled at me and told me “Welcome Home.” So when tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we’re far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right there in your heart.” 




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