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Howard wins big in Richmond Race


Photo by Phyllis Howard

RICHMOND – Local racer Michael Paul Howard, 41, smoked the competition at Richmond Raceway’s third-annual Mike Roland Memorial race on Saturday, June 1. 

“It was the best race of the year!” says track owner and promoter, Bill Lupinos, after an intense final lap that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Michael Paul set fast time in the qualifiers with a time of 16.051 and dominated in the heat race, but was in for a fight as he trailed behind the first-place car, 25R, driven by Dennis Roberson. 

Roberson led the pack for the first 15 laps of the race and it didn’t seem like he was letting up for anything, but Michael Paul saw an opportunity to overtake Roberson from the outside and seized first place. 

After that, it seemed like victory was assured until the final lap of the race when the previously third-place car, 8C, driven by Jimmy Crabtree, overtook Michael Paul for first place. 

It was only in the final turn of the race that Michael Paul pulled out all of the stops and jetted back into first, securing the win, leaving Jimmy in second and the fans screaming.

It was one amazing race and for those of you who missed it, don’t worry. Michael Paul is sure to leave the competition in the dust in many races to come.



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