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Following the special and organizational meeting of the court on January 7, the Fiscal court met again this month, this time on their regular time and date of the third Tuesday at 6 o'clock.  All members were present with the exception of District 1 magistrate Darrell Ray Howard.  The meeting began with approval of the bills and with Judge Wireman following by saying that the financial review by auditing firm White and Associates that the fiscal court requested in their first meeting, had been completed but that the court needed some clarification from the state auditor before Wireman felt comfortable going any further with the results.  Wireman stated to the audience that, "When it came to the balances of county accounts there was a question as to the exact calculation of the sixty-five percent, so they have contacted the state auditor’s office to make sure that they have the accurate way of calculating."  He added, “the General fund is right at sixty-five percent, or a bit over but I don't have an exact number."
State law mandates per KRS 68.310 that no county within the first half of any fourth fiscal year shall encumber or expend more than sixty-five percent of any fund budgeted for that year, excluding payments for principals or interest of payments or bonds.
In other money matters County Treasurer Kyla Keeton, whose term is not up for reappointment until June 30 2019, requested the county transfer $73,000 from the General Fund to the Jail Fund and $60,000 from the General Fund to the LGEA fund for two months of bills due.  Later in Keeton's report she stated there was $218,201.16 in the General fund and $1,250,619.99 in the road fund.
The court went on to unanimously approve the Sheriff's Office budget which was the same as last year, followed by an approved motion by the Judge to set maximum amount of deputy and assistants per Kentucky statute.  He cited the statute that allows a total of $418,136 for Sheriff's Office salaries, overtime, part time, vacation time, health insurance and social security.
On the judge's motion the court gave Finance Officer Josie Bailey the only other authority to sign checks in the Judge's absence. On the matter of gravel, Judge Wireman motioned to bid out the hauling process noting that, "we have literally none left on the lot, we had three to four loads when we came in and we put that out in the first day or two.  I want to bid this out so that everybody has the opportunity to haul gravel and save the county money at the same time.” All voted I.
Judge Wireman later nominated Ashley Salyer his Director of Community Service and Codes Enforcement, as the county designated applicant for FEMA, and as the county ABC Administrator, as well as the PRIDE Coordinator. All of which we approved by the court.  Lastly the court heard from Ben Collier with Plumbers and Steam Fitters #248 out of Ashland about a Responsible Bidder Ordinace to assist the county with future contracts and from Mr. Larry Lanning, with Citizen's for Veterans Healthcare.  Lanning updated the court of the ongoing movement to see an approximate eighty bed Veteran's nursing facility built in Magoffin County.  The meeting was then adjourned.



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