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Firefighter saves home while driving on Rt. 114


FLOYD COUNTY – A volunteer firefighter stepped in and saved a Floyd County home from being destroyed as he was traveling on KY Rt. 114.

On March 24, Corey Thomas, who is a member of the Salyersville Fire Department, Middle Fork Volunteer Fire Department and Bloomington Volunteer Fire Department, was driving on Rt. 114 in Floyd County when he saw smoke coming from the roof of a mobile home. 

Without missing a beat, he radioed the fire into the Middle Creek Fire Department and made entry into the home after neighbors told him they thought someone might be inside the residence.

“I made forcible entry and did a rapid search of the residence and luckily there was nobody home at the time,” Thomas told Mortimer Media Group. “I exited back out of the residence, walked outside, and pinpointed exactly where the fire was. It was in the back bedroom at the left corner of the trailer, and there was a garden hose sitting right there next to it, so I then began forcible entry, again, making an entry hole into the side of the residence and I started extinguishing the fire with the water hose until emergency personnel arrived.”

With Thomas’ help, Middle Creek Fire Department was able to extinguish the flames, containing the fire to the back bedroom, with the rest of the house sustaining only smoke damage.


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