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FEMA will not cover individual damages from flood


Photo from Adam Manns

MAGOFFIN – The federal government has determined that Magoffin County did not meet the damage threshold for individual assistance for those affected by the February flooding that hit the area hard, but the county may still be able to get assistance to fix roads and primary access routes to homes.

Magoffin County Judge-Executive Matt Wireman told the Independent on Tuesday Magoffin would have to have 75 to 80 homes either destroyed or deemed uninhabitable, needing at least 18 inches of water in the living area of the home (not just basements), in order to be covered for individual assistance. 

“It’s extremely disappointing,” Wireman said. “We have so many people needing the help and we can’t get it because we didn’t meet the threshold.” 

Wireman did say the county government did meet the threshold for assistance through FEMA, which will cover government buildings and roads. He’s currently working with FEMA to find out what will be covered, but he said he believes damaged property that provides primary access to homes will be included in the federal assistance due to the need for emergency vehicles to be able to respond to calls. 

“Right now, we can’t go on private property and fix these driveways, culverts and bridges with county assets, but I’m hoping we can get these things covered for emergency purposes by FEMA,” Wireman said.

He also said the judge’s office is currently working to compile information regarding volunteer groups and resources for those affected by the flood, noting that he will announce the information in the paper and on Your News Today as soon as it becomes available.



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