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City council honors Henry J. Joseph


SALYERSVILLE – The Salyersville City Council met in regular session on Monday night, honoring Henry J. Joseph, filling water board positions and discussing the plans for the upcoming Christmas festivities.

The council passed a resolution of respect and condolences on the death of Henry J. Joseph, who had been on the Salyersville Water Works Commission for seven years, as well as a leader with the DAV. That resolution can be found in its entirety below.

Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd said, “Henry was great on the water commission and he really took it to heart. He had good opinions and he always voiced his opinions,” joking, “even if we liked them or not.”

Shepherd said that for the first time since he’s been mayor, the water commission has paid off all of their outstanding debts, which had accumulated to approximately $300,000 before Shepherd and most of the council took office. 

“They have now paid it all off and are now running full speed ahead to get other things done and they work hard to do it,” Shepherd said, noting that he appreciates their hard work. 

To fill Joseph’s unexpired term, Shepherd nominated Jim Hoskins, who is the former superintendent of Magoffin County Water, to serve until January 7, 2021. The council unanimously approved the nomination in a roll call vote.

With Terry Marshall’s term set to expire in January, Shepherd also recommended Marshall for another three-year term, which the council also unanimously approved in a roll call vote.

The Salyersville Hometown Christmas Celebration is slated for December 7, with singing on the justice center steps, starting around 4:30 p.m. Shepherd said they are still recruiting people to sing that day. 

They will light the tree at 5:30 p.m. and the parade will start at 6 p.m., with toys to be given away by Santa and the Salyersville Fire Department immediately after the parade. This year’s theme is “Celebrate Christmas with Family.”

Jarrod Howard encouraged churches, businesses and anyone else who would like to have a float to participate, noting it is one of the largest parades held in Salyersville each year. 

Shepherd said Frozen’s Elsa will be at the cabins to have pictures taken with children, and the Magoffin County Historical Society will be having cider and cookies for the public. More information about the Christmas celebration will be released in the paper prior to the event.

Decorations will be going up this weekend, and Shepherd asked all downtown businesses to decorate their windows, noting that they will be giving out decoration awards, again, this year.

The council discussed putting up wireless speakers in the downtown area to play music on, with Shepherd saying he would look into the cost.

Shepherd said City Attorney Jeff Lovely has been looking into motorcycle grass clipping ordinances throughout the state, but if the council wants to proceed, he would need to know what the fines would be. He said Lovely would continue drafting an ordinance and they will discuss at the next meeting.

Tommy Bailey voiced concerns about the ordinance, saying, “I think this issue is singling out certain people,” to which Jarrod Howard replied, “Yeah, all those people that blow grass in the roads.”

The Christmas Community Dinner is set for Friday, December 13 at the Lloyd M. Hall Community Center. Everyone is invited to attend. Shepherd said they fed over 900 people last year and they are still taking donations, noting they still need around $800 to feed 1,000 people. He said if they can’t raise the whole amount, they may have to cut out serving pie.

Shepherd said they have started working with FEMA on Coal Branch, putting in 60 feet of 48-inch tile. He said the 48-inch tile should help the flow, but they are still waiting to hear back on the 90-degree angle that needs corrected. He said the FEMA will approve another 60 feet and they plan to dredge the creek as they come down Coal Branch. 

Salyersville’s EMS Director Paul Howard is still in mitigation with FEMA about a couple of places needing work, including the road going up to the middle school, which they said is a priority. 

Shepherd said they have met with a landscaping designer, who will be giving them drawings for landscaping and signage on the Restaurant Row portion of the Mountain Parkway.

The next Salyersville City Council meeting is slated for December 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Salyersville City Hall.


Resolution of Respect and Condolences 
On the Death of our Beloved Brother 
Henry J. Joseph

Whereas, it has pleased the Great Creator of this Universe to remove from our midst our late Brother, Henry J. Joseph; and.

Whereas, it is fitting that recognition of his many virtues should be had; 

Therefore, be it resolved by the members of the Salyersville City Council that, while we bow with humble submission to the will of the Most High, we do not less mourn for our Brother who has been taken from us; 

Be It Resolved that in the death of Henry J. Joseph, this Council laments the loss of a Brother who was ever ready to offer the hand of aid and the voice of sympathy to the needy and distressed of this City; Henry was an active member of the Salyersville Water Commission, whose utmost endeavors were exerted for its welfare and prosperity; a Friend and a Companion who was dear to us all; A Citizen whose upright and noble life was a standard for his fellows;

Be it Resolved that the heartfelt sympathy of the citizens of the City of Salyersville and the Salyersville City Council be extended to his family in their loss;

Be it Resolved that this Resolution be spread upon the records of the City of Salyersville and a copy thereof be transmitted to the Family of our deceased Brother and to the newspaper for publication.

Witness therefore our signatures this 18th day of November, 2019.
James “Pete” Shepherd, Mayor
Jarrod Howard
Paul Montgomery
Tex Holbrook
Patricia Frazier
Tommy Bailey
Michael Connelley


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