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Burn ban issued for Magoffin Co.


MAGOFFIN – With four weeks of no rain, Magoffin County is officially under a burn ban.

On Monday, September 16, Magoffin County Judge/Executive Matt Wireman issued a complete ban on all outdoor burning, citing three known forest fires in recent days.

According to the National Weather Service in Jackson, Kentucky, this area has not received rain since August 27, and the U.S. Drought Monitor has central Magoffin in a level D1 Moderate Drought. North and south Magoffin are in the level D0 Abnormally Dry.

Wireman stated in his social media post announcing the ban on outdoor burning that he had spoken to the Kentucky Division of Forestry, who had advised the conditions warrant a burn ban. He also noted that as soon as it rains in Magoffin, he’ll reverse the ban.

At press time, there’s no rain in the forecast for Salyersville until September 23.

Wireman’s order issuing the ban reads as follows:

Whereas, having three known forest fires in recent day; and due to current and predicted weather conditions; and due to the extraordinary danger of forest fires, an immediate ban on all open burning in Magoffin County is essential for the health, welfare, and property of the citizens of Magoffin County.

Now, therefore, I, Matthew C. Wireman, Magoffin County Judge/Executive, by the virtue and the powers and authorities vest in me as Judge/Executive by the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby order the following:

1. All outdoor burning in Magoffin County is prohibited under authority of KRS 149.401.
2. This ban shall remain in full force and effect until lifted or modified by further order of the undersigned Magoffin County Judge/Executive.

Witness my hand this 16th day of September 2019.

Honorable Matthew C. Wireman
Magoffin County Judge/Executive



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