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The View from Puncheon Creek: Death and the New Year


When my friend Jack died I felt how very painful death was once again, how even at birth we are appointed unto death.

Our everyday life is such that we believe if we keep going through life’s motions death won’t cross our door. Of course it always does, often many times before calling upon us. We have been allotted a slice of time and are free to make good use or ill use of it. I remember a New Year’s Day long ago as a widowed father having to care for myself and my children. I had to let go of the past and lean into the future. For the surviving, life affords little time for tears. With each New Year comes renewed hope but with no assurance. What we do each day lays the foundation stone upon which our tomorrow will hinge.

When we sing Auld Lang Syne (Times gone by) each New Year we are bidding goodbye to what was and readying for what will be. This reminds me of something we all need to do, we need to urgently reach a place in our life where we can frankly be thankful for everything good in our life. Scripture says as much; “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purposes.” (Romans 8:28). I have seen my sorrows as have you, but I am thankful for the sorrows I have missed. I am reminded of the good times and good people in my life. I have concluded that the natural state of man is to serve his fellow man. Few things engender more pure pleasure to self than bringing joy to the heart of someone troubled.

MMXVII (2017) figures to be a tumultuous year starting off with a quantum shift in the thinking behind the policies our governments will pursue. Every facet of our life will be impacted in ways yet unknown. As we embark on the ship of time we retain hope that the waters of life will remain calm so our journey through 2017 will find peace in each life. I welcome you to the journey with these words from Eli the priest; "Go in peace; and may the God of Israel grant your petition that you have asked of Him." 


Art by Erin Alise Conley



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