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Two injured in motorcycle wreck on 460

U.S. 460 – Two were injured in a motorcycle accident on Saturday after the rear tire blew out.

On the afternoon of July 28, Salyersville Fire Department Chief Paul Howard was traveling east on U.S. 460 when he met an ambulance traveling west. He saw the ambulance do a U-turn and turn on its emergency lights, then he saw the aftermath of a motorcycle wreck on the Skating Rink Hill on New 460.

A man and a woman were traveling east on a Honda Cruiser when they had a blow out of the back tire. They were thrown from the motorcycle and neither were wearing helmets.

Gouge marks from the motorcycle sliding on its side on the road measured over 225 feet.

Officials did not release the names from the wreck, but the man was a member of the Jackson Fire Department and an EMT and the woman was an EMT from Menifee County.

He was transported to Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center and she was airlifted to Pikeville Medical Center. Both have been released from the hospital at press time, with both sustaining road rash and the female diagnosed with a concussion.




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