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Town and Country destroyed in fire

SALYERSVILLE – A local business was destroyed by fire on Sunday, as fire crews fought the flames in 10-degree weather. 

Salyersville Fire Department was dispatched to Parkway Drive at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 8, to Town and Country Flowers, after an employee at Salyersville Health Care noticed smoke and called 911. 

Fire Chief Paul Howard said that upon arrival, the top of the building and the attic were on fire. 

“We went from trying to extinguish the fire to trying to protect the surrounding buildings,” Howard said.

People were evacuated from the apartments directly behind the store and the residents of the house beside of it evacuated themselves, Howard said. Crews were able to keep the surrounding buildings from sustaining fire damage, though a camper next to the store did sustain some heat damage.

Fire crews struggled in the cold, with the wind chill around 0 degrees, keeping the nozzles running, but the cold was hard on the fire department members.

“We have good gear, but it doesn’t keep you from getting cold,” Howard said.

Upon preliminary inspection, Howard said they believe the cause of the fire was electrical, though the insurance company had not made a determination as of Tuesday.

Howard said the owners and customers had noticed a smell for a couple of weeks and had called someone to check it out, but they hadn’t stopped by, yet. 

Town and Country Flowers, which has been open for roughly 30 years, reopened their doors on Tuesday, January 10 at a temporary location across from the new high school on the Mountain Parkway, with plans to relocate to a permanent location as soon as possible. 

In addition to Salyersville Fire Department, Bloomington Fire Department, North Magoffin Fire Department, District 3 Volunteer Department, and Middle Fork Volunteer Fire Department responded as mutual aid to the fire.




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