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Staying cool on a hot summer day


As crews work to take down the old water tank on Church Street and prepare for the construction of the new one, one funny story was brought to the attention of the Independent.

Going by old newspapers, we believe the water tank’s construction was completed in 1965, and around that time there was one little boy that went missing.

The boy, estimated to be around 8 years old at the time, lived in town and was known for being the mean little boy on the block. If mischief happened, he was probably the culprit.

One example of such was that his grandparents were watching him one day and took him with them to a funeral. The boy always had his ball with him, so no one thought much of it until he started bouncing it off of the casket. His grandmother swiftly removed him from the room, but his reputation was already solidified. 

Then on one hot summer day, no one could find him. Everyone in town got upset, organizing searches all over town.

Some of the men went up on the hill to look for the boy and lo and behold the whole time everyone was imagining the worst, he had somehow climbed up into the new water tank and was staying cool by taking a cool dip in the town’s water supply!


Independent Photo || RITT MORTIMER
WATER TANK:  Crews started the demolition of the old water tank on Friday, July 27 and completed it on Sunday, July 29. The tank was 60 feet tall, 200,000 gallons and built in 1965. The construction of the new tank is expected to take two months after they receive the building materials, which could be in by next month. Kentucky Glass Lined Tanks will be building the new 500,000-gallon tank.



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