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SkillsUSA Regional Competition held at Big Sandy Community and Technical College


PAINTSVILLE, Ky. – Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) played host to the 2018 SkillsUSA Competition recently on their Mayo and Hager Hill Campuses.


SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student to excel. SkillsUSA was formerly known as VICA (the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America).


Over 175 students from around the area competed in technical education, skilled and service occupation categories for a chance to advance to the state level competition.


Mike Jude, SKillsUSA Regional Director, said that this is the most students he has seen compete during his 20 years with SkillsUSA.


BSCTC hosted 25 on site competitions, 24 held on the Mayo campus and 1 held on the Hager Hill campus.  Over 142 students took home gold, silver and bronze metals and will compete in the state competition in Louisville in April.


Skills USA 2018 Winners

  • 30 Second Elevator Story

Trey Lafferty. 3rd place. Martin Co.

Frazier Pack 2nd place. JCHS

Daniel Short 1st place. JCHS


  • Chapter Display

Tiffany Caldwell, Andrew Caudill, Tyler Hall. 1st place. JCHS


  • Creed

Trey Lafferty. 1st place. Martin Co.


  • Community Service Project.

Alex McGinnis, Deklan Osborne, Charlie Fletcher. 1st Place. Martin Co.


  • Automotive Tool ID

Terry Dalton. 1st place. Martin Co.


  • Constructive Tool ID

Charlie Fletcher. 3rd place. Martin Co

Nathan Todd. 2nd place. Martin Co.

Ethan Porter. 1st place. Magoffin


  • 3D Printing

Chayce Meade. 1t place. JCHS


  • Extemporaneous Speaking

Elijah Conley. 1st Place. JCHS

Aleah Montgomery. 2nd Place. Magoffin


  • First Aid/ CPR

McKenzie Wireman. 1st Place. Floyd

Olivia Connelley. 2nd Place. Magoffin

Destiny Wright. 3rd Place. Floyd


  • Job Demo A

Jada Howell 1st place, Martin County

Cameron McCormick 2nd place, Martin County

Gary Hunt 3rd place. Martin County


  • Job Demo O

Samuel Darnell. 1st place. Magoffin

  • Job Interview

Kelly Smith. 1st place. Magoffin

Cameron McCormick. 2nd place. Martin Co.

Ben Cole. 3rd place. Magoffin


  • Photography/ Photo Display

Austin Borders, 1st place. Martin Co


  • Photography

Rebecca Pugh. 1st place. JCHS


  • Poster

Tiffany Reed,  Martin Co.


  • Prepared Speaking

Savannah Whitaker. 1st place. Magoffin


  • Promotional Bulletin Board

Jacob Blair, Brent Burke, Ethan Mills, 1st Place -  Martin Co

Alice Cecil, Charlie Fletcher, Tiffany Reed. 2nd Place - Martin Co.


  • Quiz Bowl

James Dials, Gary Cantrell, John Fairchild, Jolene Fairchild, & Assoad Manna, 1st Place. JCHS


Cierra Connelley, Margaret Gipson, Sawnada Howard, Hannah Marsillett, & Gabriella Reed, 2nd Place -  Magoffin


  • Related Technical Math

Jamison Stanley. 1st place. Floyd

Austin Smith, 2nd place. Floyd


  • Welding Art Sculpture

Billy trusty. 1st place. Magoffin


  • Wood Art Sculpture

Alexander McGinnis. 1st place. Martin Co


  • Career Pathway Showcase

Leah Bailey, Jacklyn Breann Combs, & Brittney Roark. 1st place. Magoffin



  • Architectural Drafting

Nada Sofyan, 1st place. JCHS

Christopher Judd. 2nd place. JCHS.


  • Automotive 1

Rusty Young. 1st place. Millard

Jared Wright. 2nd place. Martin Co

Ryan Smith. 3rd place. Millard


  • Automotive 2

Cameron Tackett. 1st place. Millard

Ethan Whitt. 2nd place. Martin Co

Earl Bowen. 3rd place. Marti Co


  • Broadcast News Production

Jacob Burns, Terry Caudill, Kelby Price, & Daniel Short. 1st place JCHS


  • Carpentry 1

Aaron Smith. 1st place. Belfry

Alice Cecil 2nd place. Martin Co


  • Carpentry II

Jared White. 1st place. Belfry

Deklan Osborne. 2nd place. Martin Co

Jason Maynard. 3rd place. Martin Co


  • Crime Scene

Team 2 & 1st place: Austin Howard, Ryan Leonhart & Christopher Howes. Magoffin

Team 1 & 2nd place: Brooklynn P Conley Grace Lemaster, Laiklynn Owens. Magoffin

Team 3 & 3rd place: James Gasparac, Emily Kilgore, Erica Russell. Magoffin .


  • Traffic Stops

Kenton Risner 1st Place: Magoffin County

Sedley Helton, 2nd Place Magoffin


  • Computer Programming

Thomas Nelson:  1st Place JCHS


  • Diesel

Toby Justice 1st Place - Belfry

Bobby Luster 2nd Place - Belfry

Mikey Sesco 3rd Place – Belfry


  • Digital Cinema Production 2 Teams

Ally Crum 1st Place – JCHS

Kaitlyn Hennon 1st Place – JCHS


Peyton Duncan 2nd Place – JCHS

Kaitlin Wells 2nd Place – JCHS


  • Electrical Construction Wiring

Skyler Endicott 1st Place – Magoffin

Austin Collins – 2nd Place – Millard

Sonny Gilkey – 3rd Place – Martin


  • Engineering Technical Design

Bryce Ryce, Jonathan Salvito, Donovan Ward, 1st Place – JCHS
Jacob Bowling, Brady Hitchcock, Johnathan Holbrook, 2nd place – JCHS


  • HVAC

Caleb Robinette, 1st Place – Floyd

Bradley Pinion, 2nd Place – Floyd

Braxton Mullins, 3rd Place – Millard


  • Industrial Motor Controls

Taylor Stacy, 1st Place – Belfry


  • Information Technology Services

Trevor Blackburn, 1st Place – Martin

Scott McKayla, 2nd Place – Martin

Kyle Paxton, 3rd Place – Martin


  • Interactive Application & Video Design

David Francis, Brandon Sharp, 1st Place – Magoffin


  • Mobile Robotics

Caleb Hitchcock, Tanner Rice, 1st Place – JCHS

Phillip Sperger, Michealla Vanhoose, 2nd Place – JCHS


  • Internetworking

Lindsey Milleson, 1st Place – Martin County

Jacob Hale, 2nd Place – Martin County


  • Pin Design

Kayla Scott, 1st Place – Martin County



  • Precision Machining Technology

Eli Salmons, 1st Place – Belfry

Keaton Thacker, 2nd Place – Belfry

Dalton Naranjo, 3rd Place – Belfry


  • Principles of Engineering Design

Drew Stumbo, 1st Place – JCHS


  • Technical Computer Application

Matthew Kirk, 1st Place – Martin County


  • Technical Drafting CAD

Chrystalen Stambaugh, 1st Place, JCHS


  • Television (Video) Production

Grace Castle, Abigail Roberts, 1st Place – JCHS

John Daniel, Tyler Trimble, 2nd Place – JCHS

  • Urban Search and Rescue Robotics

Marcus Ratliff, Arron McFaddin, 1st Place – JCHS

Corey McKinney, Christopher Vincent, 2nd Place – JCHS

Dalton Castle, Jacob Spriggs, 3rd Place, JCHS


  • Webpage Development and Design

Scotty Horn, Jada Howell, 1st Place – Martin County

Kinsey Hall, Tanner Gibson, 2nd Place – Floyd County

Austin Ford, 3rd Place – Floyd County


  • Welding 1

Lucas Justice, 1st Place – Belfry

Brian Patton, 2nd Place – Floyd

Nicholas Roark, 3rd Place – Magoffin


  • Welding 2

Aaron Dailey, 1st Place – Belfry

Johnny Wolford, 2nd Place – Belfry

Michael Newsome, 3rd Place – Millard






Mike Jude poses with a group of the 2018 winners at the Regional SkillsUSA Competition.
These students and many others will go on to compete in the State competition in Louisville in April.



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