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SI goes back to kindergarten

On Friday last week, we had the honor of covering the North Magoffin Elementary’s Kindergarten Round-Up. 

Our composer, Erin Conley, and I rode with the incoming kindergartners on their first school bus ride through town, interviewed a couple kids about what they’re most excited about and talked to the teachers about the importance of “kinder camp.”

I stepped on the bus, hoping to get a photo of the kids, but I had not taken into account exactly how little they were. With the exception of an occasional hairbow or cowboy hat, that photo was a bust. On the bus ride, the students were a mixed bag of reactions. Some loved it, some not so much, but all of them came around when it came time to sing “Wheels on the Bus.” 

It was sweet to see the soon-to-be students point out places they know to their new friends, especially pointing out McDonald’s and being a bit perturbed when we didn’t turn that direction.

The kids especially liked the bouncy house and giant inflatable slide, set up in the gym.

In our attempt to interview the 4 and 5-year-olds, we did hear about the Magoffin County Sheriff Department’s dog Buster, who gave them snacks. I was a bit confused about that one until I received the pictures of the *spoilers, kiddos* someone in a dog suit, not an actual police dog. I thought the sheriff’s office had revolutionized snacks there for a minute! 

We went with them to the lunchroom and sat with them while they ate, watching them become immediate best friends just because of something so simple as having on the same (provided) shirt.

I was impressed by the teachers’ patience and understanding with these new students, and from everything I could tell, they seemed to really enjoy their jobs. 

As for the importance of the day, teacher Jeanie Howard told us she has been teaching for 16 years, but this is only the second year they’ve held kinder-camp. She said having this one day before school begins in August for the students to meet their teachers and get acclimated to the school setting, while still having their parents there for them, results in the first week of school going much smoother. Students are more comfortable and confident in school and ready to learn, which is the goal. 

For more pictures from the event, see page B3 of this week’s paper.

Salyersville Grade School is slated to hold their “Kinder-Camp Luau” on July 26 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and South Magoffin Elementary has scheduled their kinder-camp for July 27 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The first day of school is set for August 8.




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