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School calendar changes for next year

SALYERSVILLE – The Magoffin County School Board met in regular session on Tuesday, May 30, recognizing two GED recipients and making some changes to the upcoming calendar.

In Tuesday's meeting, the board recognized the accomplishments of Joshua Duchnowski receiving his GED and Silas Saylor receiving an achievement award.

The board also heard a presentation from a group out of Pikeville regarding insurance rates. In the next meeting, held on June 5, they decided to accept bids for their various insurance policies in an effort to cut costs for the district.

Salyersville Fire Chief Paul Howard showed the board how a piece of an old fire hose (the kind used by the firetruck) could be used to slip over a door's closing mechanism (hinge at the top of the door) to prevent entrance in the case of an intruder or emergency. He offered to provide as many pieces of hose the schools would need, and Superintendent Scott Helton said he would let Howard know the exact number of doors in the school system that could utilize that method.

Finance Director Kevin Owens said they were down approximately $103,000 in grant funding compared to last year, but said they were hoping they could offset that with federal grant funding, which they haven't received a number on, yet. 

In the last Tuesday's meeting, Director of Pupil Personnel Terry Watson updated the board on the attendance rates, which were a bit lower than hoped for the end of the year, at 91 percent.

Superintendent Helton discussed with the board that they are in the process of shutting down the old stone building behind the Board of Education district office, which has two offices still operating out of it. One will be moved to South Magoffin Elementary and the other to the Herald Whitaker Middle School.

He also said that they will have an active shooter training session for school staff on July 24.

The board approved the upcoming school year's calendar. Per law, they had to create a committee for the calendar selection process. The committee of 11 people submitted several different calendars for board approval. The calendar that was approved by the board did have some changes, however, including moving spring break to the second week of April, Christmas break will be a few days shorter, school will start during the second week of August, and fall break will be three days. There will 85 days in the fall and 85 in the spring.

The last day of school was last Friday, with the Summer Feeding Program starting next week. For more information on that program, go to or check out last week's paper.




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