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Public meeting held for utility relocation on Restaurant Row


SALYERSVILLE - On Thursday, June 9 the City of Salyersville, Salyersville Water Works and Summit Engineering hosted a public meeting at the Magoffin County Health Department regarding the relocation of utilities along the Restaurant Row portion of the Mountain Parkway Expansion project.

Derek Motsch with Summit Engineering explained the process of moving the utilities out of the way of the roadwork, while maintaining service. He said the utility relocation is a $2.3 million project. 

Calling this the "most complicated relocation in the state," Motsch said the project is equally as complicated as any large city utility relocation project due to the fact they have about 12" of right-of-way space to relocate the water, sewer and gas lines. 

Water and sewer lines will be diverted with temporary lines until service can be moved over to the new lines, which will be connected with loops, making it easier to reroute the flows quicker, Motsch explained.

Most construction will occur at night and crews will work in phases to complete the project. 

Motsch explained the majority of the service disruptions will be planned, generally used to switch service over to a temporary utility line or to a new permanent line, and the contractor is required to give at least three days notice prior to turning off the utility. The utility customers will be contacted and coordination with them and the contractor and utility provider will be necessary to determine locations for new water meters, grinder pumps, etc. 

In these instances, contractors will have to enter the properties to reconnect the service and new service agreements will need to be signed.

The relocation project is funded by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). KYTC will be paying contractors to install the new utilities, though Salyersville Water Works will have Summit Engineering inspecting the construction of the new utilities in an effort to make sure their interests are protected. 

He said the goal is to have no unplanned service disruptions, though this is a large project and unexpected events are possible.

Though they are unsure of the exact timeline, Motsch said the utilities must be relocated before construction on the road begins. They will be opening bids on June 24 and he said construction of the new lines will begin probably in August. 

The relocation of the electric lines is already in progress, though a different group is handling that part of the project, though they are also required to contact property owners prior to any planned outages.

The Restaurant Row section of the Mountain Parkway Expansion project, with construction expected to take three years. Access to businesses and properties will be maintained throughout the project. Full, four-lane access will be expanded from west of Parkway Drive to just east of the KY 114 junction with US 460. The number of direct access points to the parkway will be reduced, with local access provided by an expanded system of frontage and backage roads.

The public is encouraged to visit the local Mountain Parkway Expansion office, in the Magoffin Plaza on Parkway Drive, call 606-349-8160 or email with any questions about the project. More information is also available at, on Facebook at or on Twitter via @MtnParkway. 


Photo from Ed Green




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