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Magoffin Talent Expo: ECHO 2018


The Magoffin County Community Foundation and Magoffin County Schools hosted the second annual ECHO event on Monday, May 7, showcasing the talented youth in the community. 

In addition to the performances, student artwork was on display and Magoffin County Career and Tech students showcased what they are working on in CNA, electricity, welding and criminology. 

Performers: MCHS Cheerleaders, Gifted Program, MCHS & HWMS Band, South Magoffin Dancers, Middle School Choir, and the below individual performers.

Order of Performances:

Keenan Conley

Kayla Johnson

Izic Holloway

Hunter Bailey and Kailee Helton

Caleb Gayheart

Sarah Howard

Kaylee Blanton

Candace Cole

Anna Gasparac

Brittany Walters

Elizabeth Cole

Olivia Pelphrey

Lauren Hall

Jay McDaniel, Caleb Porter, Caleb McCarty, Isaac Perkins, Zach Porter, and Braxton Gayheart

Kaylee Helton and Kendall Blanton

Erin Grace Rudd

Kailee Helton


Jakson Branham

Zoe Howard

Kendall Blanton

Jackie Beth Arnett

Angel Mullis and Isabella Cole

Hannah Marsillett

Daylin Patrick

John Ward

Emily Fletcher

Isabella Cole

Sophia Patrick

Haley Ratliff

Cheyenne Saylor

Matthew Cole

Erin Rudd and Anna Gasparac


There's an ECHO ringing through the mountains. Can you hear it?



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