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Magoffin receives grant to upgrade 911


SALYERSVILLE – Magoffin County has been awarded funding to upgrade the county’s emergency dispatch system.

Magoffin County 911 requested funds to upgrade the legacy dispatch system that is more than 20 years old with a more modern Next-Generation and P25-compliant system. Earlier this month it was announced they had received $271,000 in Kentucky Office of Homeland Security grants to go toward the $442,185 project, which will consist of a new radio system, telephone system, server, mapping maintenance equipment and a computer-aided dispatch (CAD).  The new dispatch center will be relocated, requiring the construction of a small tower outside the courthouse for placement of 11 antennas.

Each of these components have been prioritized per the following: radio system, mapping maintenance equipment, telephone system, server and CAD.  The relocation of the dispatch center will require the construction of a small self-supporting tower outside the courthouse for placement of the antennas. 




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