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Low-flying plane given the OK

MAGOFFIN – If you've seen the plane that has been flying low in and around Magoffin County recently, don't worry.

After multiple reports circulated earlier this week of a low-flying plane in Magoffin, the Independent made a few calls regarding the aircraft. 

Huntington Air Traffic Control confirmed that the plane is an old DC-3 that has authorization to fly at low levels to do geological surveying.

Traffic control stated the plane is a rather large white aircraft and confirmed that it is “nothing to worry about.”

The plane has been spotted in multiple areas in Magoffin, as well as in Johnson and Martin counties. 

DC-3 is a World War II-era plane with twin engines and tailwind-type landing gear.  


Independent Photo || BRANDEN KEITH BROWN
FLYING CLOSE TO THE TREES:  Branden Keith Brown took this photo on KY Rt. 30 at the D & M Paylake on Tuesday.




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