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Local emergency crews provide supplies for homeless in Lexington


SALYERSVILLE – Local emergency responders extended a helping hand to those in need as temperatures plummeted the last couple of weeks.

Watching the news, Magoffin County Rescue Squad Carter Conley said he saw the need for blankets and nonperishable food for the homeless in Lexington, just as temperatures dropped to single digits. 

Conley said the rescue squad had received heavy-duty blankets from Christian Appalachian Project, as well as food rations, in surplus of what they would need for this community, so he started searching for who to contact that could use the supplies.

“I talked to the Salvation Army in Lexington and told them what we have and they said they would take everything we could send and would be thankful for it,” Conley said.

Bloomington Fire Department teamed up with the rescue squad, providing more blankets, and in total, the two entities loaded up a trailer with 24 boxes of blankets, eight blankets each, as well ready-to-eat meals. 

“When the guys took it all down there, the man from the Salvation Army about broke down crying when he saw all the stuff we had for them,” Conley said. 

The act of kindness was bit of a repayment for the aid extended from Lexington almost six years ago.

“The Metro Police officers came in after the tornado, so this was our way of giving back to them,” Conley said. “They’re in crisis mode with homeless people and the temperatures, and they were good to us, so let’s return the favor to them.”




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