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At the beginning of the school year, I was asked to become a co-coach for the HWMS Academic team.  I agreed, and I have to say that it has been a very good experience.  Along with Mr. Tim Cain, we have led our academic team through many matches.  We participated in a league called the “Cave Run League” where we competed against Powell, Wolfe, Morgan, and Menifee counties.  Within the league, we competed twice against each team.  Competitions consisted of taking tests and Quick Recall matches; which is the kids’ favorite part.  Our Varsity and Junior Varsity teams won matches in Quick Recall against Menifee, Morgan, and Wolfe counties.  We also had students place in written tests in every league match.

On Saturday, January 20th, we competed in our district competition.  In this competition, our students competed in written tests and Quick Recall, as well as two other categories which are Future Problem Solving and Written Composition.  We competed against Morgan and Wolfe counties; teams that we were familiar with.  In the first round of Quick Recall, we lost by 4 points to Wolfe County.  However, being that it was a double-elimination bracket, we still had a chance.  We waited as Wolfe County played against Morgan County.  In the end, Morgan County lost and was our new opponent; we played against them and won by 2 points.  We were now ready to play against Wolfe.  As the match progressed, both teams fought hard for the lead.  In the end, we lost by 4 points.  However, we placed 2nd and we now move on to Regionals to play Quick Recall.  We also had 6 students place in written tests and 2 students place in Written Composition.  These students will also go on to compete in Regionals in their respective areas.  Those students are:

Raven Deboard – 3rd place in Language Arts
Conner Risner – 4th place in Social Studies
Mickey Montgomery and Carolina Williams – 4th place in Arts & Humanities
Zane Whitaker  - 5th place in Mathematics
Leilah Burchett – 4th place in Written Composition
Andie Montgomery – 5th place in Written Composition

If these students and/or our Quick Recall team place in Regionals, they will continue their competition in the State level.  We wish these students and this team good luck on competing, and we know that they will make our school proud no matter what happens.


Independent Photo || MANIS SHEPHERD



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