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Gibson to compete in Miss Kentucky


LEXINGTON – Miss Magoffin County is set to compete in the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant, slated to begin tonight. 

Elivia Jane Gibson, 18 years old and a recent graduate of Magoffin County High School, will be representing Magoffin County in the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant, a franchise of the Miss America Pageant. She was crowned Miss Magoffin County on September 4, 2017, though she has also held the titles of Miss Firecracker 2017 and Miss Teen Magoffin County 2015.

For her talent, she has prepared a lyrical dance with gymnastics to “You Raise Me Up,” drawing attention not only to her talent, but also to her faith.

“I picked that song because I am a Christian and I feel I need to take God everywhere I go,” Gibson said. “I want everyone to see who I really am and that’s who I really am.”

Gibson, who is the daughter of Cathy Cantrell, plans to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Morehead State University and work as a registered nurse in a hospital or emergency room. 

Prior to the Miss Teen pageant three years ago, Gibson said she was too nervous to participate in pageants.

“I did a bunch when I was little – maybe 5 to 7 years old – in the Founder’s Day Pageant, but I quit for a while,” Gibson said. “I watched them for years and was really just too nervous to sign up. Then someone told me I should do it and it looked fun, so I entered and won.”

She said she wants her experiences to be an example for children too afraid to try something.

“I would tell them to always be themselves and not worry about what anyone says and to never give up,” Gibson said. “Never be too nervous because I promise you don’t know the outcome.”

Gibson said she is proud to represent Magoffin in the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant.

“In my opinion, I wouldn’t want to go to Miss Kentucky from any other county,” Gibson said. “I love this small town and I love how close everyone is. Children look up to me. I love being Miss Magoffin and I love everyone here and how small of a community we are.”

While the crown is the obvious goal, Gibson said her only goal is to do her best.

“I really want to do my best and show everybody Magoffin County can have talent,” Gibson said. “I want to show that we have someone, too, that is capable of winning.”

Building on her Miss Magoffin platform of “Breaking the Chains of Domestic Violence,” Gibson chose “Youth Mentoring in Action” as her platform for the Miss Kentucky pageant.

“I wanted to group them together for this, so it’s about mentoring kids about spotting the signs of domestic violence, as well as drugs, abusive homes, and everything related to that.”

The Independent talked to Gibson on Saturday, the day before she left for Lexington, and when asked how she was feeling, she said, “I feel as good as a Magoffin County girl can feel going into a big pageant like this. I’m pretty nervous, but I think I can go far.”

The Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization will be offering live stream access for those wanting to watch online, however, there will be a fee. 

If she wins, Gibson would not be the only Magoffin girl to hold the crown. Mikka Darby (now Franklin) represented Magoffin County in the same pageant and won, serving as Miss Kentucky 1988. 





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