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SALYERSVILLE – The Magoffin County Fiscal Court met in special session on Tuesday, accepting the state’s road program recommendations and awarding bids for sewer and blacktopping projects. 

The regularly-scheduled monthly meeting was set for 1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18, though, an announcement was sent out on Monday rescheduling the meeting for 5 p.m. Tuesday.

At 1 p.m., however, two of the magistrates, along with several community members, gathered in the fiscal court room.

With no quorum, they could not hold a meeting, but Magistrate Matthew Wireman (District 3) read an announcement to the crowd, explaining that he and Magistrate Pernell “Buck” Lemaster (District 2) were there at the regular monthly meeting time to remain in compliance with Kentucky Revised Statute 67.090, which states: “The fiscal court shall hold a regular term each month, which shall continue until the business of the court is completed.”

Local attorney Joshua Puckett voiced his concerns about the fiscal court, stating he believes Magoffin County Judge Executive Dr. Charles Hardin is not fulfilling the duties of his elected position by missing or rescheduling the regularly-scheduled meetings. He also said the fiscal court needs to send a letter to Magistrate Gary “Rooster” Risner (District 1) asking his intentions for holding the office and begin the process of impeachment so a replacement can be appointed to represent the District 1 citizens.

Magistrate Gary “Rooster” Risner was not in attendance at the meeting due to serving his sentence for a guilty verdict on charges relating to conspiracy to commit vote-buying in the 2014 elections. His appeal of the case is still pending.

With two projects up for bid, they did open bids for the Industrial Park sewer project and for flex funding blacktop.

When the fiscal court officially convened at 5 p.m., Hardin apologized for not being able to attend the regularly-scheduled meeting, stating he was afraid he would have hospital matters and one emergency did come up during that time frame.

“I will always put the health of someone else before county business,” Hardin explained.

After reviewing the bid openings from earlier in the day, the court awarded the Industrial Park sewer project to L& L Excavating (pending approval from Summit Engineering and the Corps of Engineers), which had the lowest bid at $1,517,588.75. Hardin said the sewer project is one of the last steps necessary to being able to utilize the industrial park. 

The court awarded the blacktopping project to Hinkle Contracting, with the lowest bid of $170,651.25. The project includes Gifford Road and Jellico. 

Craig Lindon with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reviewed the 2017-2018 Rural and Secondary Program, which is reported annually and adopted by the court. He explained that Governor Matt Bevin is looking at tax cuts that would negatively affect this road program and urged the court to reach out to legislators and let them know how it could impact their constituents. 

Lindon explained that the state had reviewed the roads and made four recommendations for resurfacing, including a portion of KY 867, KY 134 and two portions of KY 1081. The total cost to fix all four would be over $1 million, though he said the county will have $626,802 for state road maintenance. The court recommended KY 867 (Lakeville, Royalton, Guncreek) and KY 1081 (from the junction of KY 1437 to the junction of KY 40) as priorities since they anticipate having enough funding for only two of the projects. 

Under the program the county will also have $145,904 for resurfacing county-maintained roads, as well as be eligible for the 80/20 structures program, Lindon told the court.

As an update, Lindon also said bids have been awarded to resurface portions of KY 40, US 460 and KY 114. 

The court passed a resolution to accept and administer federal aid for Ramey Memorial Park pedestrian bridge lighting, which totals at $28,000. 

Soil Waste Coordinator Frankie Collett announced that the Magoffin County Tire Collection will be held on May 18 through 20 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday) beside Rumpke at the horse park. The program is for individuals only. Members of the community with questions about the program are urged to call the judge’s office at 606-349-2313 or Collett at 496-6179.

In other news the court approved fund transfers of $35,000 from the general fund to the jail fund and $500 from the general fund to the forestry fund. 

Before adjourning, given that two of the last four meetings were special sessions, Hardin motioned to change the time and date of the regular monthly meetings to the fourth Thursday of the month at 5 p.m., which passed unanimously.  




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