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ELECTION NEXT WEEK: A rundown of the elected offices on the ballot


SALYERSVILLE – The Magoffin County Primary Election is slated for Tuesday, so it’s a good time to brush up on the candidates that will be on the ballot on May 22 and the jobs they are wanting to hold.

Below are brief descriptions of the county offices that will be on Tuesday’s ballot.





Ashley N. Salyer

Benji Gibson

Dexter Allen

Jerry L. Patrick



Rebecca "Becky" Allen

Lesley Allen Arnett


The PVA must make the assessment of all property in the county, prepare property assessment records and perform other duties relating to assessment as the law or the Department of Revenue may prescribe. The PVA assesses property for the state, county and other districts, and any city can elect to use the annual county assessment for property situated in the city. The property valuation administrator must make every possible effort to assess property at fair cash value. Since taxes are determined by property value, the assessments are then used by other government offices to set tax rates, fees, etc.




Matthew Chalmer Wireman

Don Risner

Rondal Reed

Haden B. (H.B.) Arnett

Tim Watkins

William Helton



John Montgomery

Joshua Ray Puckett

Carter Whitaker


This is a broad position, so this may be an oversimplification, but the county judge executive is a member of the fiscal court, administers the county government, hires and overseas the staff of the office, as well as overseas the other county departments. This person will be responsible for executing county contracts, proposing and making sure the budget is in line, and that the county is operating according to the county ordinances and Kentucky statutes. The judge executive appoints board members to various county boards and commissions. This person also needs to be able to represent the county at state and federal functions and work with various regional and state boards and offices.




Renee Arnett Shepherd

Big Tony Allen

Diana Adams

Anthony Wayne Rose



Josie Wireman Bailey


The county court clerk is responsible for clerical duties of the fiscal court, issuing and registering, recording and keeping various legal records, registering and purging voter rolls, conducting election duties, and conducting tax duties. The clerk must register all motor vehicles owned by persons living in the county, issue automobile licenses, and make reports to the Transportation Cabinet. Motorboat registrations, alcoholic beverage license fees, fishing and hunting licenses, and marriage licenses all fall under the clerk’s responsibility. The clerk also serves as the chair of the county board of elections, receives applications for voter registration, maintains the custody of the voter registration records, and enters the information into the statewide voter registration system. Simply put, the clerk maintains all of the records and equipment for elections, from candidacy papers, voter registration, voter assistance forms, ballots, voting machines, and vote counts. The clerk also prepares the county tax bills and collects several different taxes and fees. 




David Neil Howard

Randall “Bob” Jordan

Johnnie Lovely                                

Matthew Edward Watson                



Carson Montgomery

William Jeff Salyer

William “Bill” Meade

Michael Nickels


The sheriff has tax collection, election duties, services to courts and law enforcement responsibilities. While law enforcement, is the most-known of the sheriff’s duties, this person is also in charge of collecting property taxes for the state, county, school districts, and any other special taxing districts that contract with the office to do so. The sheriff is a member of the county board of elections, which appoints election officers and certifies elections. If the sheriff is also on the ballot, however, this person is disqualified from these election duties, and can recommend a commissioner to serve during this period of ineligibility. 

The sheriff is also an officer of the courts and renders administrative services to them. The sheriff or one of the sheriff’s deputies must attend and keep order in the fiscal court and any court of the Court of Justice and must obey court orders. The sheriff provides deputies and ordinary equipment that the chief Circuit judge deems necessary to supply security to the Circuit Court and provides the same service to District Court unless District Court is held in city facilities.




Bryan Montgomery



Greg Minix

James E. Workman


The fiscal court is responsible for providing the incarceration of prisoners, and in Magoffin’s case, has contracted with the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center in Paintsville for housing of inmates. The jailer is responsible for transporting prisoners, preparing the jail budget for the fiscal court, and reporting prisoner information to the Department of Corrections.




Jeffrey Ross

Mark Jenkins


Coroners and their deputies have the full power and authority of peace officer, including the power to arrest, to bear arms, and to administer oaths. In performing investigations, the coroner or a deputy may enter public or private property; seize evidence; interrogate persons; and require the production of medical records, documents, or evidence. The coroner may impound vehicles involved in fatal accidents. The coroner may employ special investigators and photographers in making an investigation and expend funds in carrying out official duties. The main duty of a coroner is to determine the cause of death. In the case of deaths occurring naturally, the coroner can authorize a physician or APRN to sign the death certificate. If not, the coroner must perform an investigation (can order an autopsy) and sign the death certificate.





Harlen “Sarge” Rowe

Tommy Howard                               

Larry Howard

Ronnie Jenkins

Ella Allen

Robert Prater



Darrel Ray Howard

Ivan Neil Howard




Garrett "Gary" Ward                       

Pernell “Buck” Lemaster                

Monie Howard



Kathy Bailey

Eddie Jenkins




Everett Allen                                  

Randall Risner                              

Ralph Lovely                                 

Gregory Fitzpatrick                        

Joe Bailey

Ryan Risner

Charles “Charlie” Brown

Brian K. Pennington

Sam Bailey JR



Darrell G. Arnett

James E. Holliday

Doug Auxier

Nelson Lovely


Magistrates serve as members of the fiscal court from the three different districts in the county. The three magistrates and the county judge executive make up the fiscal court, which must meet monthly and are tasked with appropriate county funds, regulate and control the county’s fiscal affairs, exercise all the corporate powers of the county, and establish all appointive offices. They must investigate all county government activities and, when needed, they cause the construction, operation and maintenance of all county buildings, structures, grounds, roads and other property. Unlike the county judge executive, magistrates only have official power when the fiscal court is in session.





Jason E. Crigger

Claude (Duke) Ray Craft

Billy Joe Howard

Eugene Salyer JR



James Rudd




Silas Saylor

Randy (Blackbird) Marshall

Zachary Bauer

Ronnie Howard

Lee Lovely

Dewey Marshall



Wade Collinsworth




Christopher Shepherd

Steven Hale

Alvin Junior Craft

Charley Bailey

Homer Bailey

Richard Rex Love

Scottie Bailey

Clayton D. Howard

Larry “Bubby” Carpenter



Roger Darin Gullett


Constables are peace officers with broad powers of arrest and authority to serve court processes. The can execute warrants, summonses, subpoenas, attachments, notices, rules and orders of the court in all criminal, penal and civil cases.


For more information on elected officials’ duties, see “Duties of Elected County Officials,” published by the Legislative Research Commission and available at




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