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DIRT TRACK RACING: 201 Speedway - Howard wins Modified feature


SITKA - Magoffin County driver Michael Paul Howard was among the feature race winners at 20 Speedway on Saturday night, prevailing in the Doug Greene Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Open Wheel Modified division. 
The other feature race winners at the Johnson County track were Brent Cornette (Tim Short Automotive Late Model), AJ Hicks (Fastrak Pro Crate Late Model), Glenn Patton (KDRA Super Stock) and Sam Hobbs (Sport Mod).
Complete feature race results from Saturday night follow.
Open Wheel Modified feature: 1. 24H-Michael Paul Howard, 2. A51-Jason Hall, 3. 42-James Grigsby, 4. Z28-Logan Burke, 5. 20-Justin Jacobs, 6. 53-Austin Francis, 7. 98-Shon Flanary, 8. 43K-Kevin Hall, 9. 4M-Andrew Mayabb, 10. 191-Kevin Mayabb, 11. 33-Aaron Ratliff, 12. 7-Henry Sizemore.
Late Model feature: 1. 22C-Brent Cornette, 2. 9H-Terry Hicks, 3. 8-Anthony Adams, 4. 99-Scott Lemaster, 5. 5B-Stephen Breeding, 6. K73-Kevin Mullett, 7. 21-Claude Spence, 8.11-Lee Logan, 9. 57S-Bryan Salisbury, 10. 73B-Charles Mullett, 11. 192-David Fields, 12. 47- Jerry Gibson III.
Pro Crate feature: 1. 64-AJ Hicks, 2. 1-Shane Bailey, 3. 21-Nathan Martin, 4. 46-Stephen Martin, 5. 72-Tony Fletcher. 
KDRA Super Stock feature: 1. 7A-Glenn Patton, 2. 460-Robby Perkins, 3. 7B-Bryson Patton, 4. 411-Brandon Ratliff, 5. 77-Cody Fields, 6. 1-Marty Hall. 
Sport Mod feature: 1. 70-Sam Hobbs, 2. 32B-Greg Bailey, 3. 5M-Garet McCloud, 4. 72-Daniel Webb, 5. 5JR-Justin Masters, 6. 17-PJ Lemaster, 7. 53-Gary Whitt, 8. 32R-Caleb Ratliff. 
Historic 201 Speedway will host its next racenight July 28.




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