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Deputy Shuler, reporting for duty


SALYERSVILLE – There was a new sheriff in town on Friday.

On Friday, August 24, the Magoffin County Sheriff Department hosted Landon Shuler, an 11-year-old boy from Powell County, and his mom, Jessica Shuler, naming him as an honorary deputy and giving him a tour of the facilities. 

Landon was born with a heart disease and has had two open-heart surgeries, a stroke and has seizures. He was on dialysis for two months. At one point, his family had to make funeral arrangements due to his declining health. 

Due to the stroke, Landon had a bad setback developmentally, having to be in special education classes. He wears braces on his legs and had one on his left hand, requiring a lot of assistance from his mom for everyday tasks. Doctors told his family he would probably not live past 12 years old. 

His seizures, a side effect from the stroke, are getting so bad that doctors have now scheduled brain surgery to remove the part of his brain that was damaged from the stroke and seizures, but they know the surgery is risky with his heart problems. A third open-heart surgery is also scheduled for October, so in the meantime, his mom is helping to fulfill his dream of being a cop by taking him to see actual police officers.

“Landon’s dream of being a cop will never come true because he won't make it to that age and with his health, he couldn't anyway,” Jessica explained to the sheriff’s office. “So, with the men and women officers now he has just that. I couldn't thank everyone enough for being there for me and my two babies.”

His father was in the Marines and was home from being hurt. Landon went on vacation with his dad in June 2016, at which time his dad killed himself in front of Landon. 

“Landon can’t put it together that his dad is never coming home,” Jessica explained.

On Friday, Landon got the tour of the office and justice center, was finger-printed, taken on a drive in a police cruiser, given a check for the special shoes he requires, and was presented with a Magoffin County Sheriff Department deputy patch. 

When asked why he wants to be a cop, Landon simply responded with a smile, “I want to catch them.”

Landon also has a younger sister, Whitney, who is 7 years old.




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