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Council sets tax rates, talk Heritage Days


SALYERSVILLE – Salyersville City Council met in regular session on Monday, August 20, holding the second vote to set the tax rates and discussing the upcoming Heritage Days.

The council held the second vote to set the tax rate, unanimously agreeing in a roll-call vote to keep the rates the same.

They also adopted a resolution regarding a sewer grant, which was required by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA). In order to get approved for the current water tower replacement project, Salyersville Water Works had to agree to changes on a couple of old projects. Resolution adopted on Monday changes the supplemental assistance agreement for the 2003 sewer plant project, in which the KIA agreed to drop the amount they were responsible for keeping in a replacement or contingency account from roughly $59,000 a year down to $5,300 a year, which gives them more borrowing capital for the water tank replacement.

David Gardner with SWW also explained another concession they had to make with KIA, agreeing to call the grinder pump project completed at approximately $375,000, even though the original loan was for roughly $630,000, which will also increase their ability to pay back the loan to KIA for the tank.

Gardner said they had already purchased 300 grinder pumps, roughly 75 percent of the grinder pumps in the system. 

“They are applying this to our ability to borrow money for the tank,” Gardner explained to the council.

Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd explained that they were able to get the KIA to agree to not hold the current administration accountable for the previous administration’s actions, which helped them get the current loan for the water tank. With a chunk of time without audits (which are now caught up) and the replacement account never funded previously (which it is now), KIA originally denied the project.

Magoffin County Heritage Days are set to begin next week, and Shepherd told the council the Magoffin County Historical Society, which started the festival as Founders Days, had asked if the city could pay for the school activities. The city used to give the Historical Society $3,000 every quarter out of tourism funding, but they had not provided any financial statements for some time, preventing the city from disbursing the funds. Upon Shepherd’s request, the council agreed to give the Historical Society $2,000 to lease the facilities (the cabins) for Heritage Days. He explained they would not be able to hold the school events if the city didn’t agree to pay. 

Shepherd highlighted the schedule for Heritage Days, which starts on page A3. 

He also explained that they had to remove the candidate signs from the entrance of Ramey Memorial Park for Community Day, but announced that all the signs were taken to Salyersville City Hall and candidates can pick them up there.

The next regularly-scheduled Salyersville City Council meeting is tentatively set for September 17 at 7 p.m.




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