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City sets tax rates


SALYERSVILLE – The Salyersville City Council met in regular session on Monday, July 16, setting the tax rates and discussing upcoming events in the city.
In the first meeting for the new fiscal year, Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd said they are roughly where they were at this point in the year for the past two years.
The city has collected 96 to 97 percent of the taxes, with only $5,000 outstanding currently. For perspective, he said when he took over six years ago the city was collecting only 60 to 70 percent of the taxes, but now consistently stay in the 90s each year. 
Per the Department of Revenue’s request to set the tax rates, they unanimously agreed to keep the tax rates the same on vehicles, watercraft, personal property, tangible and bank shares. Tax rates remain as follows: vehicles and watercraft $0.30 per $100 valuation; personal property $0.30 per $100; tangible property and inventories $0.83 per $100; and bank shares $0.25 per $100.
They adopted a resolution required by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority regarding the water grant application, and Shepherd explained a road has been built up to the tank and they will start dismantling the old tank next week.
When City Councilman Tommy Bailey questioned the need for the new water tank, Salyersville Water Works Commissioner David Gardner explained that the current Church Street tank has not been used since February 2017 due to being in disrepair. He noted that the state requires there be a one-day water supply in storage, which they don’t currently have.
He said the old tank is unsafe, rusting out, and the commission agreed would be too much risk due to its particular location (with houses below it). 
Gardner explained that they are getting a $705,000 loan, with 50 percent to be forgiven, meaning they will be paying $350,000 for a new 500,000-gallon tank. Comparatively, he said it would have cost $250,000 to repair the 200,000-gallon tank that’s already there, which is over 40 years old and has already been repaired eight times.
The council adopted the resolution for the water tank project in a roll-call vote, with Tommy Bailey being the only opposing vote.
Mayor Shepherd also updated the council on blacktopping project recently completed, including Elam Street, the Allen Drive entrance and the Bluegrass Cemetery. He said those would be the last blacktopping projects for this summer, but told the council to let him know if they knew of any areas needing attention.
He said the Fourth of July festivities went well, with a good turnout and no major problems. He thanked the Black Powder Express for playing before the parade. He said they had to cancel the street dance due to a conflict with the Joseph’s schedule. 
Community Day is slated for Saturday, August 18 and Heritage Days will be held during Labor Day weekend. The schedule for Heritage Days will be released by the next meeting, he said.
The next regularly-scheduled Salyersville City Council meeting is slated for August 20 at 7 p.m. at Salyersville City Hall.




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