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Amendments to HB 13 could bring nursing home to Magoffin

FRANKFORT – While it looks like House Bill 13 will pass this week, Representative John Blanton has made strides to keep Magoffin in the running for a nursing home. 

HB 13, as it was originally proposed, would authorize federal funds and bond funds for the construction of the Bowling Green Veterans Center nursing home, which would include 90 beds. 

Last week the bill was posted in a house committee and was reported favorably in the first and second readings. 

As the bill moves through the process, Representative John Blanton filed a proposed amendment on Tuesday that would withdraw the application for the 90-bed facility in Bowling Green, and replace it with an application for matching funds provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for a 60-bed facility in Bowling Green and a 77-bed facility in Magoffin County, which would utilize the 137-bed total allotment for the state. 

After sitting through multiple committee meetings on Wednesday, Blanton also filed another amendment, which states that any future beds allocated from the USDVA or reallocated from the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs be dedicated to a state veterans home in Magoffin County. 

Blanton told the Independent on Wednesday that both amendments remain up for consideration and the bill goes to the house floor on Thursday. 

“If we don’t generate some type of compromise, we will be left with nothing,” Blanton said. “Right now I’m just trying to make sure we stay in the mix in this thing, but I don’t know how it will go.”

Former Representative John Short, as well as Representative Blanton, both filed bills that would allocate funding for a 137-bed veterans nursing home in Magoffin, however, neither bill has made it to a vote.

The Independent will release information as it becomes available regarding HB 13 and the possibility of a nursing home being located to Magoffin County. 




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