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Arnetts look forward after 'The Voice'


While a married couple with local ties lost their second battle on NBC’s The Voice, things are only looking up for Nathan and Chesi Arnett.

Chesi Arnett told the Independent, “The experience of The Voice was amazing. We learned so much about the business side of music.”

Though the couple did not turn any chairs during the blind auditions, they were saved by Bebe Rexha for the Comeback Stage, where they won their first battle.

“The Comeback Stage is really cool,” Chesi said. “There’s not as many people and there’s more one-on-one time with Bebe and the band, and working on our songs.”

While the two lost their second battle to Savannah Brister, Chesi said the experience was invaluable to them.

“If you make it through the blind auditions, which we technically did with the Comeback Stage, you can’t re-audition, so our Voice days are complete, but we got so many contacts and we’ve scheduled a lot of gigs. We’re hoping the publicity and contacts, not just hoping, it is opening doors for us we didn’t have the opportunity to do before this all happened.”

As far as working with the pop singer, songwriter and record producer Bebe Rexha, Chesi said she was incredibly helpful and supportive.

“Working with Bebe was awesome,” Chesi said. “She is exactly the same person off camera as on. Since she is a pop singer and usually only picks pop or R&B singers, we were shocked she picked us. She talked with us a lot off camera and thought our relationship was inspiring. She told us there’s not a lot of people you can look at a know how much they love each other, so that was really cool. We appreciate her. A lot of coaches don’t put in that kind of effort.”

As for what’s next, with festival season gearing up, Nathan’s bluegrass band “Turning Ground” is set to stay busy this summer, while also practicing to try to get a set list together for a new album.

Chesi recently changed jobs, now working at Morgan County High School and organizing a school choir. 

Together, the two also plan to stay pretty busy, playing The Brickhouse in Prestonsburg this past weekend, and Smoking Butts BBQ in Paintsville this coming weekend, she encouraged everyone to follow their Facebook page “Nathan & Chesi Arnett Music” to stay up to date with where they will be playing. 

They are also putting together a country/classic rock band to play SamJam Bluegrass Festival Labor Day weekend this year. She said they will be announcing the band members and more information about the band in the next month or so, also on their Facebook page.

The couple, who tied the knot last year, also plan to go into the studio soon, with plans to release a single this summer and hopefully a whole album in late fall.

While Nathan is from Magoffin County and Chesi from Johnson, the two have recently moved from Paintsville to West Liberty in the last two weeks. 

“We just want to say thank you to everyone,” Chesi said. “We’re still getting hundreds of Facebook notifications a day and people following our YouTube and social media. The support has been unbelievable.” 



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