Paintsville Wins Series Over Hornets

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The Tigers, now 3-2, gave up just one hit on Friday night as they cruised to a 13-2 win in five innings. Dustin Vanhoose got the win on the mound as he worked a no-hitter into four innings.

Paintsville used a nine-run third inning to blow the game wide open. Timmy Sublett and Matt Miller accounted for four runs in the frame on a double and single, respectfully, that drove in a pair of runs apiece.

Tyler Blanton took the loss for the Hornets (4-3). He worked three innings, allowing 11 runs on six hits. Blanton had four strikeouts and nine walks.

The Tigers scored five runs in the first two innings and added four in the fourth frame to roll to a 13-6 victory Saturday afternoon in Game 2 of the series.

Jordan Stewart drove in four runs on two doubles and scored a run to lead the Tigers, who rolled up 10 hits on the day. Matt Miller followed with two singles, a sac-fly, 2 RBI and a run scored.

Magoffin County had six hits but eight errors. Timmy Howard took the loss on the mound. He worked four innings, allowing nine runs on six hits. He also fanned three batters, walked one and hit two batters.

At the plate, Howard drove in two runs on a hit. Cody Mullins followed with an RBI-single and John Kazee brought in two runs on a single.
Colby Burchett was the winning pitcher.

In the final game Saturday night, John Kazee worked five innings on the mound to lead the Hornets to a 5-2 win.

Josh Poe led the Hornets with a double, single and 2 RBI. Austin Whitaker followed with a RBI-double and two runs scored. Kazee had a RBI-single and a run scored, and Nathan Howard finished with two singles and a run scored.

Jordan Stewart took the loss for Paintsville.

Gabe Burchell led the offense with two singles.

Game 3
At Paintsville
SCORE BY INNINGS:              R  H  E   
Magoffin Co.    020 110 1 – 5  7  4
Paintsville    000 020 0 – 2  4  3
WP – John David Kazee (5 inns., 4h, 0r, 4k, 2bb, 2r)
LP – Jordan Stewart
Magoffin County: Josh Poe 2-1b, 2rbi; Austin Whitaker 2b, 2r, 1rbi; John Kazee 1b, 1rbi, 1r; Cody Mullins 1rbi; Nathan Howard 2-1b, 2rbi; Caleb Hall 1r.
Paintsville: Gabe Burchell 2-1b; Taylor Miller 1b; Jordan Stewart 1r; Colby Burchett 1r; Tommy McCormick 1rbi.

Game 2
SCORE BY INNINGS:              R  H  E
Magoffin Co.    201 030 0 – 6  6  8
Paintsville    230 413 x – 13  10  4
WP – Colby Burchett
LP – Timmy Howard (4inns., 9r, 8h, 3k, 1bb, 2hbp)
Magoffin County: Tyler  Blanton 1b, 3r; Timmy Howard 1b, 2rbi; Austin Whitaker 2r; John Kazee 1b, 2rbi; Austin Rudd 1r; Cody Mullins 1b, 1rbi.
Paintsville: Colby Burchett 1b, 1r; Matt Miller 2-1b, sac-fly, 2rbi, 2r; Jordan Stewart 2-2b, 4rbi, 1r; Josh Moore 1r; Timmy Sublett 2r; Gabe Burchell 1b, 1r; Spencer Taylor 1r; Alex Vanhoose 1b, 1rbi; Colton Caldwell 1r.

Game 1
Magoffin Co.    000 02 – 2  2  5
Paintsville    029 2x – 13 9 4
WP – Dustin Vanhoose
LP – Tyler Blanton (3inns., 11r, 6h, 4k, 9bb)
Magoffin County: Cody Mullins 1b, 1r; Caleb Hall 1r.
Paintsville: Colton Caldwell 2b, 2r; Timmy Sublett 2b, 1b, 2rbi, 1r; Josh Moore 2r; Brandon Hiaght 2r; Matt Miller 1b, 2rbi; Alex Vanhoose 1rbi; Jordan Stewart 1rbi; Kash Daniel 3b, 2rbi; Colby Burchett 1r; Brooks Pelphrey 1r; Andrew Rice 1b, 1rbi, 1r; Taylor Miller 1b, 1rbi.